Associations in Europe ask to stop using the ...

Associations in Europe ask to stop using the R404A and R507A gases

International. A group of European associations came together to demand the immediate cessation of the use of HFC, R404A and R507A gases.

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Midea will provide air conditioning in stadiums ...

Midea will provide air conditioning in Russian World Cup stadiums

International. After the bidding processes carried out during the past year, the Chinese manufacturer Midea has turned out to be the winning company and will be in charge of providing air conditioning solutions for seven of the twelve official stadiums that will host the World Cup matches in Russia.

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Air conditioning project in San Mar Courts ...

Air conditioning project in the Courts of San Martín

Argentina. The technology company BGH, together with the installation firm GAME, participated in the installation of an air conditioning project for the offices and the precincts of the San Martín Courts.

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Danfoss unveiled its new condensate line ...

Danfoss unveiled its new line of condensers

Latin America Danfoss introduced a new condensing unit designed for use in outdoor areas and with low noise levels (up to 55 dB at a distance of three meters).

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Trane highlights the current importance of the buildings ...

Trane highlights the current importance of connected buildings

International. IoT is a word that in the 2018, more than trend, will be a palpable reality. But what is it? Internet of Things (in English, Internet of Things, abbreviated IoT) is a concept (and in many areas already a reality) that refers to the digital interconnection of everyday objects ...

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article thumbnailPanama. With a select group of speakers, RefriAméricas, on its 15 number anniversary, confirmed its Academic Program for the congress edition that in this year 2018 will be held again in Panama City, from 30 to 31 in May at the Convention Center ...
article thumbnailLast part of this topic that deals with how to design, install, operate and maintain high performance air conditioning systems. by Camilo Botero *
article thumbnailHARDI Mexico has already formalized the start of its operations in Mexico with the purpose of supporting and improving the HVAC industry in that country. by Guitze Messina *




Maintenance service platform
Danfoss Danfoss Mexico's DrivePro service platform now offers an improvement in the productivity, performance and lifespan of inverters ...
Air quality sensor
Awair The Omni solution from Awair consists of business level sensors to track key factors of air quality such as temperature, humidity, ...
Safety cage
DiversiTech DiversiTech AC security cages are created for the protection of mini-split external condensing units against theft, vandalism ...
PTAC with filter for external air
Friedrich The PTAC FreshAire by Friedrich is a pioneer in its type by combining an energy-efficient inverter compressor and a MERV 8 filter for ...
Portable emissions analyzer
Bacharach The PCA 400 portable combustion and emission analyzer from Bacharach is a real-time wireless operation equipment for the capture ...
Condensing unit
Emerson The Emerson Copeland Scroll outdoor condensing unit is a device specially designed for industrial refrigeration in food services, which facilitates ...
Electric heaters for pipelines
Greenheck The IDHE model is the newest in the electric heaters for ducts of Greenheck and is the first in the industry approved by ...
Isolation valve
Camfil Camfil Stinger isolation valve is a device for environments where the air circulates with combustible dust that complies with the ...
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