They use geothermal to heat and cool systems ...

They use geothermy to heat and cool the metro system

International. In Nagpur, India, the Mahametro transport system intends to reduce energy costs for heating and cooling meters thanks to geothermal heat pumps. The system is expected to reduce the operating cost between an 10% and an 15%. This cooling system ...

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They analyze the performance of the R452A and its amb ...

Analyze the performance of R452A and its environmental impact on refrigerated transport

International. In a paper presented at the 5 IIR Conference on sustainability and the cold chain, held in April in Beijing, China, researchers S. Kujak and K. Schulz analyzed the options of low GWP refrigerant and its impact of LCCP (Performance Climate of the Life Cycle) for ...

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Republicans Urge Trump to Support K Amendment

Republicans urge Trump to support Kigali Amendment

U.S. A group of 13 Republicans are urging President Trump to send the Kigali Amendment to remove HFC refrigerants to the Senate for ratification.

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Frascold expands its production capacity

Frascold expands its production capacity

International. Frascold has increased the capacity of its plant located in Rescaldina, Milan, adding five state-of-the-art CNC machining stations to the production line. In the last twelve months, at the 53,000 m2 factory, they have built and tested more than 70,000 screw and reciprocating compressors, ...

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Greenhouse gases decreased 0,6% entr ...

Greenhouse gases decreased 0,6% between 2015 and 2016

International. The European Environment Agency has published its annual inventory of greenhouse gases of the European Union 1990-2016 and the inventory report 2018. The report shows a decrease of the 0,6% of greenhouse gas emissions (-27 million tons of CO2 equivalent) ...

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article thumbnailPanama. The Expo Congress RefriAméricas concluded last 31 in May with the participation of more than 1.200 professionals who were present during the two days that the fair was open in Panama City.
article thumbnailPanama. With the start of the conferences, from the 9: 00 am the RefriAmericas 2018 Congress will be opened. The commercial sample will open its doors from the 1: 00 pm and until the 8: 00 pm
article thumbnailPanama. Only one week remains to start RefriAméricas 2018, an event that will be held at the 30 and 31 in May at the Atlapa Convention Center. On its 15 number anniversary, the show bets on an interesting congress in which novel themes will be discussed with invited speakers from different ...




VRF solution
LG Electronics The LG Multi V.5 is an advanced VRF system available between 6 to 42 tons, including the new frame units ...
Roof extractor
Sodeca Sodeca's Efficient Work roof or roof extractor line consists of equipment with industrial Brushless EC synchronous motors of magnets ...
Differential pressure meter
Dwyer The Magnehelic high precision low differential pressure gauge from the Dwyer 2000 series is reliable and versatile and can be ...
Direct current VRF solution
Chigo The CMV-X VRF direct current Inverter system is the latest generation of Chigo with high energy efficiency, equipped with compressor ...
Mixed flow fans
Greenheck The Greenheck DGX and MSX replacement air models can now be configured with a mixed flow plenum supply fan ...
Dry steam cleaner
SpeedClean SpeedClean presents the Dry Steam Coil & Surface Cleaner, an innovative and ecological dry steam cleaner for surfaces and coils, which uses ...
Microchannel capacitor
Krack Krack introduces its microchannel capacitor, a product with an eco-friendly trend that can reduce the cost of refrigerant charging even in a ...
Sealer with UV dye
DiversiTech DiversiTech's Flex Inject Sealant Total is a state-of-the-art chemical sealant with UV dye in a flexible hose with ...
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