Cold Import highlighted party for children made in ...

Cold Import highlighted a children's party held at its facilities

Peru. As is traditional for more than 20 years, in Cold Import held last December in Lima, the Christmas party attended by approximately 700 children accompanied by their parents.

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Register for the Fiesta Alegría in the framework of ...

Register for Fiesta Alegría as part of the AHR Expo in Chicago

Latin America / United States. ACR Latin America will perform 23 on January, in the framework of the AHR Expo in Chicago, its now traditional Fiesta Alegría, meeting for the entire Latino community that visits the expo where they can make new contacts and have a great time.

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The Ozone Treaty reduces gas emissions from ...

The Ozone Treaty reduces US greenhouse gas emissions

U.S. A study conducted by the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (Cires) and by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Noaa) shows that the Montreal Protocol has significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions that alter the climate of the United States.

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They approve law of improvement in air conditioning ambi ...

Law on improvement in air conditioning of collective use environments approved

Brazil. The President of the Republic, Michel Temer, sanctioned the law that requires the execution of a Maintenance, Operation and Control Plan (PMOC) of air conditioning systems and appliances in buildings for public and collective use with the aim of eliminating or minimizing potential risks to the ...

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Identify recovery of the ozone layer

Identify recovery of the ozone layer

International. Scientists have identified a significant reduction in the levels of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that would have generated a reduction of about 20% in the deterioration of the ozone layer.

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article thumbnailAnalyzing the climatic conditions of design means obtaining important results to execute a project recognizing different levels of demand. by Ing. Fabio Clavijo *
article thumbnailAn instructive article related to the Independent Pressure Control Valves and their benefits in the HVAC System. by Danfoss
article thumbnailThe manufacturer of air conditioning equipment has clear objectives in the Latin American market, which focus on the development of new products for the sector as an OEM brand. by ACR Latin America





Line of radial fans
Rosenberg Rosenberg presents its new line of high efficiency radial fans, ideal for use in air conditioning units with mounting ...
Modular air recuperators
Systemair Systemair arrives with its Geniox range, the modular air recovery units offer an energy efficient ventilation solution for commercial applications, ...
Panasonic Panasonic has updated two of its fans: the WhisperCeiling DC and the WhisperSense DC. Silent, powerful and aesthetically pleasing, advanced point fans ...
Air evaporator
Elgin Elgin presents its new line of FX Air Evaporator. This new version is with its renewed project, designed to serve different ...
Systems diagnosis
Suryha Suryha TestAr is able to diagnose faults in air conditioners of any brand in just 15 seconds. The TestAr ...
VRF system
Chigo The CMV-X Full DC VRF Inverter System is the latest generation of Chigo HVAC products. With central technologies such as compressors ...
Greenheck The new EQD direct drive and mixed current extractor model from Greenheck has a Vari-Green motor for saving ...
CUSTOMFAN CUSTOMFAN presents to the market a new optimized envelope increasing the flexibility and robustness of the fan. They have a diameter of 315 ...
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