Innovative solution for product transport ...

Innovative solution for the transport of temperature sensitive products

International. At the Vienna airport, a new and innovative solution for the transport of temperature sensitive products, called VIE Cool Handling, is being offered.

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Mexico, first Latin member of the Intern ...

Mexico, first Latin member of the International Energy Agency

Mexico. The past 17 of February, the Latin American nation officially became the 30º member country of the International Energy Agency and its first member in Latin America. Membership occurred after the Agreement on an International Program was signed and ratified by the Mexican Senate ...

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Experts highlight the benefits of information modeling ...

Experts highlight the benefits of information modeling for buildings

Latin America Modeling in 3D has revolutionized industries such as cinema, medicine, interior design, as well as the architectural and construction industries.

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International Seminar on Air Conditioning in Hosp ...

International Seminar on Air Conditioning in Hospitals

Colombia. ACAIRE will carry out the March 15 and 16 International Seminar on air conditioning in hospitals: operating rooms and controlled environment areas, which will be held in the city of Cali.

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The largest air purifier is already under test ...

The largest air purifier on the planet is already under test

International. In China, the world's largest air purifier, an experimental tower up to 100 meters high, is located in the city of Xian. This new system pumps up to 10 millions of cubic meters of clean air daily to this city. The project ...

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article thumbnailLast part of this topic that deals with how to design, install, operate and maintain high performance air conditioning systems. by Camilo Botero *
article thumbnailThe technical developments and access to computer programs that simulate and analyze the behavior of variable volume systems, allow us to design optimal systems in terms of energy savings. by Alfredo Sotolongo *
article thumbnailAnalyzing the climatic conditions of design means obtaining important results to execute a project recognizing different levels of demand. by Ing. Fabio Clavijo *




Circular cassette
Samsung The 360 Samsung HVAC Cassette is a fully circular device with capacity between 18.000 and 48.000 Btu, which can be installed for the ...
Thermal anemometer
Dwiyer The AVUL Air Velocity Transmitter from Dwiyer is a thermal anemometer for duct mounting, designed to measure the velocity of the ...
Cooling solution in rack
Nortek Air The 5U rack refrigeration units from Nortek Air are the compact version of the distribution units of this brand, ...
Axial fans
Multi-Wing Multi-Wing EMAX4 axial fans are products that offer up to 77% total efficiency, above the standard of this type ...
Refrigerant gas
Chemours Chemours MO99 Freon gas is a product created for R-22 overhauls in direct expansion (DX) air conditioning systems ...
Couplings solution
Victaulic Victaulic presents the first system of grooved pipes in the industry, designed exclusively for chlorinated polyvinylchloride or chlorinated ...
Smart thermostat
Johnson Controls The Johnson Controls Glas Smart Thermostat is the first of its kind to use a translucent OLED touch screen to change ...
Controller for HVAC
Distech Controls The system controller Eclypse of Distech Controls was designed especially for the central control of plants and mechanical equipment, has ...
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