Troubleshooting and failures thermal expansion valves

In the following text to properly diagnose and troubleshoot a system with thermal expansion valve (TXV) for flow control will be discussed.

By: Al Maier *

With the advent of minimum standard 13 SEER in January 2007, virtually all manufacturers of air conditioning split type residential stopped designing equipment with flow meters and, instead, used thermal expansion valves (TXV, for their acronym) to regulate the rate of refrigerant feed to the evaporator. TXVs enable the system to more efficiently use energy as it keeps the evaporator closer to the optimum level of superheat in all operating conditions. In addition, the system allows a rapid decline in the suction pressure in optimum condition after an off cycle.

Operation and operation TXVs

Although TXVs offer many operational advantages, those unfamiliar with them consider them a mysterious device and end up replacing them unnecessarily. TXV has a unique feature: control the flow of refrigerant passing the evaporator in an accurate to the evaporation rate of the refrigerant in the evaporator proportion. In responding to the temperature of the refrigerant gas leaving the evaporator and the pressure thereof, TXV can control the gas leaving it to a predetermined superheat.

The superheat temperature is a vapor that is above its saturation temperature. It is calculated by measuring the actual temperature of the evaporator outlet and subtracting the corresponding pressure evaporation temperature.

To troubleshoot a TXV is important to first understand how it works. There are three forces that determine the functioning of a TXV. P1, ie, the pressure created by the remote bulb; P2, or evaporator pressure equalizer and P3, the equivalent spring pressure superheat.

Remote pressure bulb (P1) corresponds to the refrigerant temperature leaving the evaporator.

When this pressure increases, the valve needle tends to "open" position. Opposed to this force, influencing the underside of the diaphragm and also moving the needle to a direction of "close", it is the force exerted by the evaporator pressure and that exerted by the spring of superheat. The valve assumes a stable position when such forces are in equilibrium (P1 = P2 + P3).

When the temperature of the refrigerant leaving the evaporator rises above its saturation temperature-corresponding evaporator-pressure increases the pressure in the remote bulb, causing the valve needle to move in the direction "open". Conversely, when the temperature of the refrigerant leaving the evaporator decreases, the pressure in the remote bulb becomes smaller and the needle valve moves in the direction "close".

The factory setting of superheat of TXV with the needle is beginning to rise from the seat.

an increase in superheat is required to open the valve into position classification. This is an important concept, because it means that a valve with a factory setting of 8 ° not maintain a superheat 8 ° to a maximum load. You require additional superheat to cause the valve to "touch" their ability classification.

Troubleshooting and failures TXVs

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There are three main failure modes in a TXV. The valve may be feeding too much refrigerant (supercharger); feeding may not be enough refrigerant (undernourishment); or you can switch to feed too little (jitter). We discuss each of these flaws in detail:


It occurs when the amount of refrigerant to the evaporator is greater feeds which can evaporate, causing the coolant is returned to the compressor. Symptoms include Frosty supercharger compressor cover, noise emission in the compressor, low superheat in the evaporator and suction pressure normal or above normal level.

Flooding may be caused by any of the following causes:

• inefficient or smaller than normal compressor: if the compressor capacity is low, the suction pressure will be higher than normal and the superheat will be low. If you suspect this is the problem consult the compressor manufacturer.

• Set low superheat: external adjustment valves, turn the stem clockwise clockwise to increase the superheat.

• Humidity: any residual water in the system can freeze in the TXV, preventing it from working properly. If you think that this is the case, install a good filter dryer liquid line. It is also advisable to install a moisture indicator for the liquid line that allows the technician to monitor the moisture level of the operating system.

• Dirt or debris: any foreign material that makes it past the inlet filter can stay lodged between the needle and the port TXV, preventing it from closing properly. Again, the recommendation is to install a filter drier in the system to prevent the movement of dirt and debris that can cause malfunction of the system.

• Dripping seat TXV: if the needle and the port are not properly seated, the coolant flow through the valve, which should not happen. In reviewing the valve impurities and debris may occur. If so, the TXV can be cleaned and put back into operation. If damage is seen in the needle or wire drawing port or erosion caused by the needle when inspecting the valve, the valve must be replaced.

• Valve larger than normal: make sure they are installed in the valve system specified by the manufacturer. A valve too large for the capacity of the system will tend to feed heavily.

• Incorrect position of the bulb: ideally bulb power element is located in a horizontal section of the suction line-immediately after the evaporator-outlet. It must be very close to the equalizer connection, but upstream. The bulb must be firmly secured to the suction line to maintain a good thermal contact. In addition, the bulb should not receive external heat sources.


To calculate the superheat:

  • Determine the suction pressure in the evaporator outlet.
  • Use a table pressure / temperature for proper cooling and determine the temperature corresponding to the pressure measured in step 1 saturation.
  • Measure the temperature of the suction line in the place where is located the remote bulb.
  • Subtract the saturation temperature set in step 2 to the measured temperature of step 3. The resulting difference is the superheat.

Superheat setting only for external adjustment TXVs:

  • Remove the lid back seat valve, exposing the adjustment stem.
  • Turn the rod in the direction of clockwise to increase the superheat -Decreases refrigerante- flow.
  • Turn the stem counterclockwise to clockwise to decrease the flow -the aumenta- refrigerant superheat.

* When Maier is vice president of applications engineering at Emerson Climate Technologies Flow Control Division. For more inforrmación, call: 314-569-4680 or contact by email at:





# Paul 12-07-2011 20:25
Have a problem, I replaced an expansion valve when the compressor pressure stops in the system does not equalize completely and when turning on again the compressor is protected by heat because it can not move the flow of refrigerant accumulated in the liquid line, should I install an additional equalizer or that way solve this problem, Thanks
Duvan Chaverra
# Duvan Chaverra 14-07-2011 11:31
Hi, Pablo,

We consult with Fernando Becerra, Danfoss, who sent us the following answer to your concern. We hope you find it useful.

"The external compesador is used in older equipment 1 HP and when liquid distributor. Theoretically, when the pressure drop in the evaporator is greater than 7 psig is used valvial external compensation. If you join an inner with this condition simply fills the evaporator least if it is super heat increases. But this has nothing to do if the system equalizes pressure. If the superheat is high can heat the electric motor to skyrocket. The SH toatl should be less than 20 ° C, 5 ° C in the fixed evaporator expansion valve ".


Duván Chaverra
web editor
ACR Latin America
Mauricio Sabino
# Mauricio Sabino 18-01-2012 09:40
We wanted to see one thing. I'm incurcionando in the manufacture of aireacondiciona utiliazando two capacitors boat with water. The system works with a compressor 12000 btu, t2 danfoss valve and nozzle nº3 and the following pressures 60 240 low and high pounds pounds. The problem I have is that when the compressor stops must wait 8 minutes to start again because it does not pay. That you think it is wrong? Thanks
# July 09-04-2012 19:19
to start, we had liquid refrigerant returns to compressor low temperature we substitute, for which the relevant corrective became, once placed the new compressor was put into service making regulations parameters (low pressure 10 psig-pressure high 200psig) It works with a parallel system (rack compressor).
the issue is the following does not reach temperatures we want in furniture, placing pressure gauge to the service valve have furniture psig pressure 15 only reaching -14 ° C.
we can do to achieve the correct temperature reaches -20 ° C since we have begun to regulate sobrecalentamie nto vxt on the issue of return that was.
the system consists of 3 circuits distributed by a network of pipes. being ;
01 producing ice machine.
02 showcase frozen bodies.
01 showcase frozen body.
his gentle response.
# fredy34 12-02-2013 15:27
I have a split pipeline 36 thousand btu change the filter compressor desidratador
and failure pressures as the high reaches my 180 and 10 psi low to sime can help I would appreciate it was presented much
Duvan Chaverra
# Duvan Chaverra 12-02-2013 16:56
Fredy Hello, could you please give us the equipment characteristics ?, so give you a more effective response. Greetings.
# Casafús 24-05-2014 21:24
hello fredy by what I see is a compressor 7.500 frigorias and if it is with r.22 is lack of refrigerant that does not give the preciones luck
j moreno
# j moreno 16-06-2013 00:31
tecnico electronico soi warm greeting, I am repairing a washing machine (dry cleaning) brand aero-tech cooling system does not work as a whole. the technician this area (refrigeracion says that one of the valves may be damaged. as porobamos besides energize to know that are internally in good condition thanks ??
Jaime Prado Alejand
# Jaime Prado Alejand 18-10-2013 15:21
Hello good day I have a problem with a core team mark lejox de4ton cold and heat as this is not cooling composition should check pressures low is 80 psi and high it goes up 300 350 psi consider it the expansion valve but I'm not sure how it could have safe diagnosis
# Casafús 24-05-2014 21:40
hello jaime tesirva help but hope if it is with r.22 this past 15.psi refrigerant depends more Somenos room temperature greetings
# Abraham 21-09-2015 17:01
Hello advice when your compressor is activated and you drop the pressure in refrigerant is low and you have your q expansion valve is blocked
# Franciscojrlp 23-05-2014 23:45
Hello such have a problem I have struggled in the repair, an air split 1 half past one ton was checking the gas level and I mark 50 psi saw ue the valve of pasha was frozen desidi put more gas r22 as 1 / 4 and I realized that was not moving and then desidi put another 1 / 4 and continued right where the air is cooling me but the problem is that the valve is frozen and can not go any higher level of gas I wish it could help me quice that no more gas and water Garle with 1 / 2 kg was sufficient to reach alos 70 psi
# Casafús 24-05-2014 21:47
hello francisco decime Aque as room temperature recharged with refrigerant and tedire exsactitud if missing
Heribert Moreno Cifuentes Williams
# Heribert Moreno Cifuentes Williams 03-09-2014 21:12
first of all check ale the ampere compressor so you do not pass gas if the fault persists I recommend I recommend that you do a sweep to the evaporator with nitrogen if any particle that is in the system that is hindering and why starts congelarce
# kListo 24-11-2014 19:32
Avaporador clean turbine that insurance should be dirty and not pull good wind.
carlos Reggiardo
# carlos Reggiardo 25-07-2014 13:18
excellent exposure. concrete and clear.
Thank you
# sergio3222 29-07-2014 15:57
Hello, I'm repairing a camera and I found broken valve expansion takes r12 and I have to change but I got one that has no equal compensation serves me, I'm going to replace the 12 by mpo049. I can do it, asludos
# Alexios 31-08-2014 17:25
Install a compact team 5 Ton, for an operating theater it works cualdo happens to us that warm the walls begin to condense.
How can I solve this problem.

Greetings and thanks.
# Paul 19-11-2014 15:26
In order to determine the exact cause is required to recabes information outside temperature (outside the operating theater), indoor temperature, relative humidity and that materials are built the walls of the operating room and if they are insulated.

It is very likely it takes some ventilation and extraction system to remove the moisture that is being generated.
Luis Cabrera H
# Luis Cabrera H 17-09-2014 01:08
Good night. I have a cellar room cooling which reached 2 ° C. 404A. He began to turn up the heat and I realized that the expansion valve is closed completely defrosted and then opens abruptly, emitting sounds. change the valve and start escarchar the evaporator tubes and suddenly closes and thaws.
# ENDCACERES 19-09-2014 21:01
Good afternoon, friends have an air of 5 tons which will change the refrigerant compressor 22, the poor and the pressures that gives me high is 190 and low 64 psi, check the distributor and capillaries and no freezing on them. I suspect that in a past repair changed the distributor and capillaries and these seem short to me are no longer facing the pressures ??? I appreciate your comments, expansion element fixed orifice.
Duvan Chaverra
# Duvan Chaverra 19-09-2014 21:21
Greetings all, I tell them that and contacted the writer of this article and encourage you to interact in this list of comments to respond to the concerns you have. Once we get response, we will tell you.
Remember that we also have a forum platform to stop all your questions and answers and so much more dynamic discussion. / ... / ...
Best regards.
Geoman kings
# Geoman kings 15-10-2014 15:31
Good day, I hope you can help me ...
I have a cold box unit but this unit is external compressor Frascold the record says q must have 507 A r22 but you have been charged twice thermostatic valve failure, I put it not new but the low temperature -33 did you vacuum and gas charge, the time has 195 21 ° C psig
Luis A. Cabrera H.
# Luis A. Cabrera H. 16-10-2014 13:56
Good day, I need to help you to answer the following questions: compressor model? working temperature to the team because you say that reaches -33 ° C? The evaporator is completely filled?
Luis A. Cabrera H.
# Luis A. Cabrera H. 16-10-2014 13:57
Good day, I need to help you to answer the following questions: compressor model? working temperature to the team because you say that reaches -33 ° C? The evaporator is completely filled?
José Alberto Neves P
# José Alberto Neves P 25-10-2014 13:32
Qual or procedimento to escolha de uma valve espansão ex: evaporator, compressor entre outros ...
Oscar Matamoros
# Oscar Matamoros 20-11-2014 13:13
Good day if someone can thank solution to this problem. I have a Pre Toyota air works wonders only at night and during rain (I guess the water cooled evaporator and activates the compressor) but during the day never turns on the compressor and therefore the air that comes in windows is at room temperature. Thank you
Luis A. Cabrera H
# Luis A. Cabrera H 21-11-2014 15:10
Friend Oscar Matamoros.
so you comment the compressor should be stopping excess refrigerant or because the electric fan will not turn. At night, the temperature is cooler and pressure drop.
# pollomisionero 26-11-2014 19:32
hello shorties ... q UERIA ask if is possible to replace a capillary x is a thermostatic valve for a family refrigerator is q you have removed the hair very pelon q click the ah revised ...
Luis A. Cabrera H
# Luis A. Cabrera H 27-11-2014 16:52
pollomisionero friend:
I do not complicate my life by installing a thermostatic valve, I will install your new filter drier capillary with a good vacuum system and charge gas.
How big is the fridge?
# GERTZ24 27-11-2014 05:27
Hi good afternoon, I have a cooling system with r-22 my pressures are low and high 50 150 the problem unbootable, i only system manually by pressing the contactor to be =
Luis A. Cabrera H
# Luis A. Cabrera H 27-11-2014 16:55
Gertz24 friend:
What type of equipment is that these repaired?
Air Conditioning, Bathroom Cava?
# ENRIQUE PEREZ 28-11-2014 02:18
Check if you have 24 volts in the contactor coil.
cesar lozano
# cesar lozano 03-01-2015 22:40
hello can hopefully help me thanks; I have a team of a / a split pipeline 90000 btu, q works with expans valve Thermostatic, with pressures 95 low 180 high and the room temperature reaches 23 degrees Celsius, the problem is q the ideal temperature has q be to 21 degrees, and the team can not cool off more and so, I hope your advice thanks
# JOSE MORENIN 22-01-2015 14:53
a team that does not give the expected temperature; no data; as knowing that refrigerant gas is using the computer?
# juanp 10-03-2015 19:25
I broke a capillary Thermostatic PENN V47 and do not know what pressure refrigerant and what was what do I advise?
Hector Sanchez c
# Hector Sanchez c 23-04-2015 13:33
Hi good day. My car has a fault to cool. When I'm in the queue or let me pull over and check on cooling the compressor stops coupling and is activated again when the rpm rises. Usually it happens in very hot hours in the morning and evening works well. The gauge indicates that compresses well and supposedly ocaciona valve fails. Agradeceria help me
Alfredo Conde
# Alfredo Conde 29-05-2015 16:01
Not sure if it valve problem, but my vehicle the cooled air for about one or two hours, then although this power no longer cools and you have to shut it completely both fan and AC and if you only turn off the AC again no longer function, in terms of 15 minutes to half an hour of off lights and recooled, because give this problem?
lenin cedeno
# lenin cedeno 23-06-2015 23:06
fancoin type have a central unit. external lacondensadora has a compressor copeland of 109.6 41700 rla btu. apparently capacitor is designed to 36000btu. the expansion is supposed to 3600btu cigarette. the evaporator unit mark for 30000btu. Low pressure measure and mark 60psi and measure the high and 280psi brand. amperage remains in 18 amp with fan motor consumption (1 / 2 hp) included. My concern is the high pressure that I think this high. I made more refrierante high pressure and choose to see increases.
lenin cedeno
# lenin cedeno 23-06-2015 23:12
added that the unit uses r22
leon david emanuel
# leon david emanuel 01-08-2015 20:48
I have a problem with an engine trane brand evaporator, the problem is not on and that makes the compressor start freezing when no voltage and check all other problem is that neither is capacitor evaporator
# Hero 06-08-2015 19:24
hello I have a ton minisplit of 1. Spawn cold heat. Normal works in the first two cycles, from which the pressure is low 60 75 cam psi until the compressor is protected. R22 which will be the likely cause. regards
jorge alberto Antill
# jorge alberto Antill 13-08-2015 06:34
I appreciate your recommendation have a minisplit of 3 tons you found a leak Repaired is emptied loses vacuum in 48 hours gas 22 recharges 2 days works not cooled pulled to freeze and gives pressures 5 psi low and freezes half the evaporator thanks for your support
jorge alberto Antill
# jorge alberto Antill 13-08-2015 06:41
I have problems with an air conditioning btu 36000 we make empty. Retains the vacuum over a period of 48 22 hours you recharge gas works 2 days and stops cooling gives me 5 psi readings low. And half is frozen evaporator thanks for your support.
Duvan Chaverra
# Duvan Chaverra 15-09-2015 13:22
Hi Jorge, we share the answer of Jose Moreno.

"The symptoms that these commenting I belong to a team that does not have the complete refrigerant charge, ie, leaks, I advise that instead of making empty, presurices with nitrogen, eg to 150 Lbs;. Then aplícale jabonadura in susceptible leak points to the system (gaskets, flanges, welds, valves, etc., both the coil compressor and the evaporator, in the lines, etc.) and if possible, using the leak detector. "
# harvy 25-08-2015 19:06
Greetings .. Nesecito help ... A cold room d 2.4 3 sides x .. It has an original maneuroc mt hp unit d 2 22 ... and a diffuser df-4 frandar .. Work well under many years -18 .. But-last-entity to lowered performance ... Sele change the valve d tx Original expacion internal equalizer .. And will change xa ​​d 2 esporlan hp ... And I do not give up no love d -3.6 low at that temperature q yega the cabin is ... and you and sawed around ... qas Nose give him and loaded with 3 kilos d gas and pressures are in 187 and 20 or 25 and there remain ... q ago and toy crazy ... Ayidenme
# jacobo 11-09-2015 21:40
good afternoon I need a help have a cooling system (Chillers) and I has a fault and is as follows, Lower suction pressure, hard 45 minutes on and off makes its normal function but ne of the valve does not open more how to solve it or cambierla ??? Thank you
Duvan Chaverra
# Duvan Chaverra 15-09-2015 13:26
Greetings all, we will be sharing your concerns with our contacts.
But we ask that all your concerns are best made in our forums to give you a more timely response. Since many of the concerns raised here are not related to the article. Please share your questions in the following link.

Thank you!
Manuel Pedrecu
# Manuel Pedrecu 18-09-2015 16:55
Dear Sirs:

At home we have installed a computer multisplit (2 1 ×) as well one of them works properly, that is, cooled to a temperature reaching output of about 17 °. Instead the other not split floor of about 22 ° at its output, enough to cool the room. I have observed that when offered the 17º is running, the other if he can lower the temperature at about 19º, but when we turned the first cool the other stops and returns to the technicians observed 22º.- missing and no gas he was charged only if not that, foreseeing a leak, also introduced a liquid sealing well, the above occurs after such an operation. Summarizing: one of the split is influencing the operation of the other. It can be? The technician who came not able to give explanation. I appreciate the help you can offer.

A greeting. Manuel Pedrecu
Luis A. Cabrera H
# Luis A. Cabrera H 23-09-2015 19:42
Pedrecu friend, Check the condenser fan motor verifies that possesses good speed, then see if the condenser is clean, and if you have good ventilation. As for the liquid sealant leaks, I do not conosco.
# alvarorodrigo 13-11-2015 15:58
hello I have a problem with a split BGH d 4 thousand frigorias, gone is the gas. I check the lost and were the oring of valves replace them and once started with open valves will charge gas and got no q cool, then saw the pipe low froze and decided to recover the gas, shut the valve low and a few minutes after the high. I noticed he did not have ninga obstruciion and returned to screw both pipes. valve opened high and I showed in pressure manometers, when I opened the valve of the low pressure drop to zero and not cool. please if can anyone help
# Pachis 21-01-2016 15:31
Good day, could help me, I have a problem
My camera does not cool and not light fans
The compressor runs and the peephole the coolant passage is seen.
I hope you can help me. Regards!!
# Javierpsoto 03-03-2016 01:07
Good night I thank the person q can help me in my problem I have a split tr 5 equipment was carried out. A change of expansion valve nozzle q do with 2 and 300 PSI pressures high and low refrigerant 24 PSI q I do thank r22
# harvy 03-03-2016 02:01
Good friend there is the problem in the nozzle. if t want the tabñe of danffos d d expansion valves q no t designed nozzle orifice or use. If before I had a horse or valve d 5 5 5 hp or tr .. You must place a minimum orifice danffos with 05 or 06 comsiges silo or qt tell the table for a d 5 hp unit .. Height place a fixing hole nozzle or more peqño reducs d refrigerant flow into the evaporator q yx will therefore going to have low price ..
# hazrael 03-03-2016 13:58
Good day I hope I can help I have problems with a team of eutectic plates compressor was damage and replace it with a new one is a compressor semi hermetico of 3 hp change valves and fitro and labamos the system the problem is not congel to the plates and remove the valves to check them and have frozen oil which obstructs the passage besides the low side suction vacuum will
# harvy 03-03-2016 15:25
Friend if you have low price is xq no instruction either the thermostatic valve or filters and have q make better flushed with nitrogen and dielectric .. And do basio with nitrogen to ensure a well basio and QMAR any degree d moisture od dielectric q aya qdado ... T recommend that a well basio a well without denying nitrogen sweep
Alberto Urdaneta
# Alberto Urdaneta 18-03-2016 02:21
Goodnight hope I can help I have an air conditioner Splitt of 36000 Btu Mark Miller, which was dismantled and when I reinstalled is placed the gas charge, does not perform expansion should and the compressor unit is in perfect condition. This could be the fault in this case ?.
Haarvy Riivera
# Haarvy Riivera 19-03-2016 19:45
The condenser air strip up front od ... If you strip front: q is not covered revises the expansion element or filter yeva q and x digamolo high deltro d .. If the condenser air throw is Asia up : they bring a filter 1 / 4 x high line d .. can be q q is clogged x umeda ... and I imagine they put basio q and d basio nitrogen qma ... the geno nitro is very inxtant system in q were uncovered ...
# ALBERTO URDANETA 01-04-2016 13:18
Haarvy Riivera
# Haarvy Riivera 02-04-2016 19:47
Well .. You aver q cheqar if the compressor compresses well ... 2 check if gas is coming x bone cheqar all systems filter out gas q x d expansion valve .. Sometimes d expansion valves are bad l the hole is damaged or bad ... the system will basio ... oq ... q happens tell me everything well ... this is my number d whatsapp 04147259544 of Venezuela ..
# Juananor 31-03-2016 15:21
Good morning I have a split 18 btu, expansion valve freezes when placed in less than 24. Please note that I can have solution
Thank you
Felix Bastardo
# Felix Bastardo 22-04-2016 12:19
Good afternoon friend I have a ton 70 Spolan valves for refrigeration equipment chili interested friend
savior fredy
# savior fredy 24-05-2016 06:22
Hello everyone ... I have the following problem I have a Bohn with 1550 btus compressor and evaporator is 9000 my team I occupy btus for freezing chamber -23 'C leads coolant R404 if I lower the temperature but frost demaciado and It does not keep -23 degrees as I solve this problem I have tientos of deshilo of 30 6 hours min each
Haarvy Riivera
# Haarvy Riivera 24-05-2016 11:32
Good friend .. first see if the evaporator is not very peqño for that engine .. second load equipment x overheating .. . q tell me tersero price. Low -23 have to be q .. another gas this past .. and if gas ta past and freezes no overheating .. . tell me the temperature output measure it evaporator wing with a digital or analog sensor ... and pressure and low temperature and to help .. more ..
savior fredy
# savior fredy 25-05-2016 01:51
Thanks haarvy riivera pressure I have is low 20 psi - 23'C and precione. In 250psi is high and the temperature of the evaporator outlet is positioned where the valve bulb is -14 degrees and high before the valve is 8grados expancion ... expancion valve has a number 2 orificion
Haarvy Riivera
# Haarvy Riivera 25-05-2016 02:53
Good friend Fredi saq calculations hole is 02 = 0.6hp, buenoe dises qa low librasx 20 gas is entering the evaporator -25.8 c, and exits the evaporator -14 that means desir q have an overheating of 11.8 c .. that He wants desir q has a high warming .. Requires adjustment of the expansion valve d .. besides that there q is fixed on this ... if there is low flow and refrigerante..e xeso charge on site ... evaporators overstates two .. failure aisalmie to the enclosure ... and if nothing d the above trying to lose 6 4 to pray .. xq a shekel work is continuous 240 6 minutes .. pray is much work time. . let me know how t was ..
Haarvy Riivera
# Haarvy Riivera 25-05-2016 02:59
One other thing yevan freezing evaporators up to 6 pallets x inch .. if less better ... xq if so ice can clog the diffuser lost q yx that's cold ... try that has cua.tas x inch pallets has ...
savior fredy
# savior fredy 26-05-2016 03:52
Good day haarvy riivera told the encouraged that comment me and have 7 fins x inch and I realized something more ekipo if -23 degrees lower but the door is opened steady you mind and lose very cold and if the fourth is a - 20 when floor opens to -16 and cake much to recover the temperature .... a question! X siempo logic that my evaporator is small for the condenser or compressor that have in if the ekipo is new and the provider so I sold them I only charge me to install the ekipo not that much I can affect that of the cptesor is btus of 1550 and 9000 evapodaror is btus
savior fredy
# savior fredy 26-05-2016 03:56
Of 900btus forgiveness and dissed that I have between each ekipo is as 20 mts
Alberto Cruz
# Alberto Cruz 12-09-2016 16:04
Hello such friends .I have a problem with a valve expancion. What happens that a person without conosimientos intervened and this alguin uncalibrated could help me to calibrate to 12 tons
Duvan Chaverra
# Duvan Chaverra 14-09-2016 12:31
Good day Cruz, engineer Harvey Rivera shared the following response:
First, what is the valve capacity is d 12 hp. If you d 12 and already moved the screw d graduation. And this desgraduada METALE all the screw gets all in the sense of clockwise, when you've got everything the new dr bags but this time how many laps accounts gives, so generated they are of 6 12 to laps. If you gave at least I say 8 laps, you go back 4 .. and if the team to reach the desired temperature has much return, or suction line with compressor is frozen the shut 1 / 4 back and wait a while this is how an expansion valve graduates .... if the valve is not 12 ... then tell me how many hp is ...
Alberto Cruz
# Alberto Cruz 14-09-2016 12:38
As the valve is to 15 ty expancion teams are 12t .. the 1 / 4 back as is what can vary in temperature
# CESAR LARA MATOS 22-11-2016 22:17
Good day,
I have the need for a test PRESSURE TANK CAR RAILWAY SULFURIC ACID we carry in Lima Peru

It can be done and who can do what ??, be grateful for the answer

César Lara
Gustavo villamayor
# Gustavo villamayor 13-12-2016 16:38
Good morning..
McQuay of 250.000btu recondition one team has two circuits of pipes and individual capacitors 125.000btu each .. the problem is that all the evaporator freezes me ..
Hise already maintaining the evaporator .. check if the tour tuebina enough .. and absolutely everything is fine ..
Pressure readings begins in 70libra low and high 245libras .. 5minutos operating passing the low suction pressure and high 30libras remains at 245 pounds .. could be that the valve is semi frozen trancada..pues from the valve expacion tdex 12.5tr 44kw to full compressor !! .. esp WRO ayuda..gracias! !!
# Belmonte 07-01-2017 18:38
good friends later'm looking for two evaporators 10hp if anyone has any information can communicate to my cell thanks 04148074367
# EDIS 01-03-2017 23:29
hi i have a renault scenic wonder and cooling of a moment to the other will not cool more than has happened since and thank you very much
edgar bandres
# edgar bandres 20-03-2017 19:26
I doubt the air turns on and off is a ermenso of 36 ton pressure is well and does not heat the engine,
Anderson Luiz Feitoz
# Anderson Luiz Feitoz 09-05-2017 12:12
Quando a expansão não valve opens, Sendo foi feito to do pedra truck filter and foi feito or vácuo to do coolant fluid adição R22 or Começa to recolher compressor or fluid.
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