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altWe present a Case Study on an automation system installed at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront, located in San Diego, United States.

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The Hilton San Diego Bayfront, 30 floors of a building facing the bay of San Diego, opened in 2008 as the newest skyscraper hotel California, United States. The building, with a spectacular terrace overlooking the bay and its interior illuminated by external light is an example of the best post-modern architecture and cutting-edge engineering technologies.

The hotel, located just minutes from the airport and adjacent to the Convention Center San Diego, has 1.190 rooms, luxury suites and 30 165.000 square feet of meeting space. It is without doubt one of the hotels with the most comfortable environment of the west coast, due in part to innovative heating systems, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and building automation system (BAS).

Since the initial phase, the designer made it a priority energy efficiency along with the comfort of guests. In addition, the hotel was to be built thinking about the long-term sustainability with technologies that can be easily and cost-effectively upgraded depending on the needs.

Priorities List
Since it was decided that the Hilton San Diego Bayfront going to be a project of ecological construction, building automation system would have to meet very strict and specific criteria. The integrator Dynalectric San Diego Distech Controls systems supplied BAS a full range of services, including Distech Controls products based on the priorities of the designer.

Distech Controls was selected based on the following:
- An open system: the best industry standards employing the LonWorks technology.
- Continuous Power system components: hardware and software manufacturer should the original always be available, and the following versions should be compatible.
- Easy integration and future improvements: the BAS should allow seamlessly integrate additional components. In addition, the system should facilitate future technology upgrades.

The challenge: to design an optimal BAS
The central mechanical system of the hotel is ultra modern and very efficient. It has a system of chilled water (CHW) composed of three coolers tons 850 three bombs and three secondary CHW CHW pumps. The EC-Net Distech Controls solution uses BTU measurement to ensure that coolers can meet the cooling demand of the building. This keeps the power consumption at the lowest possible level.

The water condenser system (CW) has cooling towers in a constant volume loop with three CW pumps. There are two steam boilers dedicated to laundry operations. The primary and secondary hot water systems (HWS) consists of two boilers, two HWS primary pumps, two secondary HWS pumps and two heat exchangers. The EC-Net solution uses the BTU measurement system for HWS.

So guests can benefit from the comfort, the heat exchanger heating isolates on different floors of the rooms. In addition, the temperature in the pool area and spa is regulated by two heat exchangers and control valves in the primary and secondary loops.

The mechanical system of hotel operations area has a number of components including boxes variable air volume, fan coil units more 54 and two AHU constant volume and four groups of air conditioning units. There 24 control units variable air volume air mixed with supplying cooling and heating HWS CHW.

To reduce the amount of energy consumed by the building, the AHU were adjusted in order to control the static pressure ventilation with economizer, demand control ventilation and reset discharge temperature according to the average zone temperature.

The energy consumption of meeting spaces and ballrooms and comfort of the occupants were optimized through demand controlled ventilation using the monitoring and control of CO2. In each of the rooms 52 electrical equipment fan coil unit that controls the temperature through a constant volume ventilation and hot water coil. The room telephone and data has four main heat pump units AC for critical load applications designed meet the exacting demands of temperature control.

The solution: integrated control system
Distech Controls provided a range of products for the hotel project starting with configurable controllers 322 and 35 terminal LonWorks programmable controllers, programming to customize the air treatment unit and central plant, control and demand control ventilation and energy efficiency sequences.

For controlling external lighting EC-Light, the lighting solution Lonworks used. Mechanical and electrical equipment connected to the Lonworks controllers was integrated through EC-Net, network service and web-based graphical user interface of Distech Controls.

Customer benefits
Thanks to the expertise in engineering Dynalectric and characteristics of Distech Controls products that save time, the designer saved 20% cost of installation and commissioning. Building operators could access immediately to all aspects of the system from a Web browser, allowing them to respond quickly to the needs of the system. The user interface easy to use the EC-Net system significantly improves the daily performance of the system.

Today, the Hilton San Diego Bayfront hotel operates with the highest level of energy efficiency. Over time, the hotel has been able to easily expand or improve part of their building automation system as needed. By clearly establish the rules of operation of the system, the customer could get a real building automation system that meets your current and future needs.

to highlight
Project data
- Project for new construction
- Opened in 2008
- High-rise hotel rooms and over 1.190 165.000 square feet of meeting space.
- An example of the best building automation systems

Distech Controls products:
- Programmable and configurable Lonmark Certified Drivers
- Lighting solution Lonkworks
- Building Automation System EC-NetAX web-based multi-protocol

Total number of drivers: 385

Total number of checkpoints: 2,854

to highlight
Words integrator

"Dynalectric won the project using Distech Controls products. Distech Controls chose for its reputation for reliability, ease of use of products and ongoing commitment to Research and Development ".

"Programming helps Distech Controls were easy to use and significantly reduced our time installation and commissioning."

Matt Hylton, manager of Dynalectric BAS division.

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