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Professional Month this year is Rogelio Guzman Hernandez, representative of Lennox in Mexico.
by Duvan Agudelo Chaverra
Rogelio Guzman Hernandez is recognized in the market for its great interest in caring for the environment and the expansion of energy-efficient technologies; and that is only one reason to be a worthy representative of Mexico for the Professional Month this year.
Rogelio currently works for Lennox and his current residence is located in Cancun, Quintana Roo, from January 1997. This city came by the need to get away from the bustle of Mexico City. While there, I had to get important experience before reaching Lennox, which now considers his home.
"Having studied a technical career in management, it had nothing to do with the bouquet, but a year after my return to Cancun and after different basic work, go to work at York International in the area of ​​administrative assistant" said the professional.
Later, while in York had to see how the staff moved with the arrival of new members, while still fulfilling his duties: "Six months after Adalberto Charnichart arrives to take over as sales manager, serving from Córdoba, Veracruz, and to Cancun. After three years the team Martín Bolaños, for sales of equipment applied is added, while I was still doing my administrative duties, although attending distributors when it was direct expansion equipment and that's how I understood the operation of equipment DX ".
Two years later, the company decided to make a change and sent Martín Bolaños to Guadalajara, Rogelio expected to be fired and Adalberto would attend the store, only customers of Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo. However, his departure was not made at the request of one of its partners, and becomes part of the sales area. "After nine years with the company and doing the same, I want a change, I ask my resignation and I spend four years working with a distributor in Cancun, always in the sales area."
During this work knows the engineer Rafael Rojo, Mexico Territory Manager Lennox US, "Rafael on a visit to Cancun, asks me if I know someone who wants to live for Lennox work, but in Mexico. Thus entered Lennox team, reporting to the Miami office (hence it is marketed for all Latin America) based in Mexico, "says the guest.
In this company, Rogelio has had the opportunity to exploit the knowledge acquired over the years and has achieved personal maturity. This has been an opportunity to meet other countries observe the behavior of the air conditioning business.

"Not having offices in Mexico, Gustavo Alpizar both my partner and myself, we have a goal to meet, regardless of office hours, take a flight very early or very late, traveling to other countries on weekends. Can be morning giving a theoretical training and afternoon on a rooftop interning with teams learned in theory, "said Rogelio.
His professional challenges
The month professional works to continue encouraging the philosophy of high efficiency technologies and the environment in Latin America. "I think that in Latin America there is a huge possibility of changing the mindset of the consumer. In countries where I have taught training, there is none where you do not hear the phrase: 'here do not think high efficiency, only in price', and always, at the end of my training, I point corporate accounts with counts Lennox in the US and Mexico and are surprised to learn that, with only two employees, we can count on those accounts ... and more, when I emphasize that it is not for price ... but for efficiency, "he said Rogelio.
also believes that the industry must begin to change the old ways and understand that you should invest in new technology to achieve savings, and protect the planet. "I'm a nature lover and it hurts to see how it has deteriorated over time. Our industry invests heavily in technology to help against environmental degradation, then, hear phrases like 'it is price, are not interested in saving' is synonymous with "I do not want to make an effort to get out of my comfort zone." Colleagues, if we do not start by changing our thinking, we can not transmit it to the dealer and / or end customer and, as an industry, we can not help the environment, and not thinking about future generations, in our generation. "
His other facet
Rogelio lives with his girlfriend for seven years, and expresses an excellent relationship in which they share a taste for cycling practicing with friends. They also like to help associations dogs, and on their own have rescued about 25 puppies both cats and dogs, which have been sterilized and put up for adoption.
With his mountain bike has had the opportunity to do great tours and travel to different places like Denver Fruita and Moab in Utah, United States. Now also enjoys road cycling, with whom he has participated in some competitions.
"I participated in team time trial and individual ruts background as the Cancun challenge -. Chichen Itza with a distance of 212 km and the Gran Fondo New York, held in Cozumel with a distance of 180 Kms This year will participate in triathlon Xterra road in some local triathlons and triathlon are preparing a background for 2016 as well as a mountain bike trip to Canada, "concluded our guest.
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