Course on calculating the thermal load

Mexico. The Council on Technical Excellence announced that already has everything ready for the Course on the Calculation of the thermal load will be held in two sessions daily 26 3 September and October in Mexico City.
The course, which will last 16 total hours, will present the following topics: Heat transfer, air infiltration, load due to products, additional cargo, equipment selection and calculation of cameras.
The objective is the organization with this course, which is supported by Andira (National Association of Distributors Industry Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, AC) is that at the completion of the participant is able to identify the different loads are thermal affecting the design of a cooling chamber and / or freezing; also you learn how to calculate the total heat to be removed for proper operation of a cold room. Also, you know select the most appropriate equipment to achieve that goal.
To subscribe and meet the costs of the course, you can write to email


raoul Trujillo
# raoul Trujillo 16-09-2015 22:45
Good afternoon could inform me what is the cost of thermal calculation course
Duvan Chaverra
# Duvan Chaverra 17-09-2015 12:51
Hello Raul, the cost is $ 3.500 Mexican pesos (about US $ 210), if you want more information can write to the mail at the end of the news.
# BEATRIZ EUGENIA 31-10-2017 20:16
Will they have a new date for thermal loads?
Duvan Chaverra
# Duvan Chaverra 02-11-2017 18:27
Hi Beatriz, you can contact them directly in the email:
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