Purify air conditioning wastewater for human consumption

Ecuador. Panasonic has developed the technology ACH20, a filtering system that purifies wastewater and air conditioning makes them unfit for human consumption.
Air conditioning systems condense about seven liters of water every day; potentially potable water is wasted. In Ecuador, as in many other countries, tap water is undrinkable because it contains high levels of bacteria. Furthermore, due to the high temperatures, a large portion of the population has an air conditioning system.
When installing the filtering system ACH20 in the air conditioning systems of the brand, it is possible to save the required amount of water a person needs to survive for a period of three days.
According to Panasonic, in a six-month period have been installed in different locations a total of five thousand filters, resulting in 6,3 million liters of pure water were recovered and 450.000 people who are safe from diseases related now with the Water.
"We created ACH2O bottled water and celebrities share with those who drank during their live television programs. The filters were also installed throughout Ecuador, in public spaces across the country as hospitals, universities, gyms, etc, "says the company.
The Ministry of Water gave recognition to ACH2O Panasonic as one of the most innovative and effective in terms of water saving projects.


Lucio Antonio Mendez
# Lucio Antonio Mendez 14-11-2017 00:10
How much health affects wastewater from air conditioning exposed to the outdoors? for example to download them to a cemented patio.

Please answer
Duvan Chaverra
# Duvan Chaverra 14-11-2017 14:39
Hello Lucio,
It is advisable that the condensed water from the air conditioning comes out of a drain or have a container to collect it, since this water is loaded with harmful compounds (tobacco, bacteria, pollen, etc.) and has a very high acidity.
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