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We present an interesting case study about a project of air conditioning and ventilation held in Costa Rica, on Sabana Business Center / Hotel Hilton Garden Inn / commercial premises.

by Duvan Agudelo Chaverra

Costa Rica is one of the most important countries in Central America, there the HVAC / R sector is growing rapidly thanks to the presence of well-known companies that are working on important projects in the commercial area as industrial.

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One of these important projects is the Sabana Business Center, located in the heart of San Jose, the capital of the country and that this time we will present full details of installation in terms of air conditioning and ventilation, which was made by the company Multifrio, whose CEO it is Ponchner Salo, who told us all the details of the project.

The Sabana Business Center multiproject consists of a vertical mixed-use building, built in one of the commercial areas of higher added value, which offers visitors an excellent location for its proximity to strategic points. The first level of the building is commercial use, six levels of offices, eight levels of international brand hotel Hilton Garden Inn. With parking floors 24 floors are completed. The process of building the Hilton Hotel was carried out by professionals in architecture, interior designers, draftsmen of Leumi Group and the Ghettis firm, located in Miami.

The manager said what the project and what kind of system or equipment was installed: "Being a multipurpose building in this project that Multifrio was responsible for the design, engineering drawings and installation, taken to use multiple computers and technology of various brands. Not only we design and install air conditioning systems, but also the entire ventilation system including floors of parking, extraction of bathrooms, kitchens, etc. ".

technologies used

For floors of the Hotel Hilton Garden Inn chilled water system Daikin / McQuay brand were used. In the underground parking Jet fans they were used Greenheck type. On the floors of the office center Mitsubishi VRF type used equipment and commercial teams in direct expansion Lennox brand they were used. They installed a control system BMS brand Delta, parking sensors feature CO2 and CO (carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide) which automatically activate the air injection system. They installed extractors for bathrooms, for restaurants, stair pressurization system, and injection of fresh air brand Addison.

The project

The project was developed in the years 2014 - 2015 and is recognized as an iconic building in the city, not only by their physical characteristics and location, but also by the technologies were installed. In this regard, Salo Ponchner describe some technical aspects:

The most important contribution of value to the customer was the integration of systems of different technologies for different uses of the building, control systems, supporting architectural plans in the uses and space optimization.

The installed equipment are high electrical efficiency and ecological refrigerants. They are also low noise equipment since the building is located near residential areas nearby. All air conditioners extraction were integrated into a system of centralized BMS.

Another exceptional contribution and vital for the customer was the construction in tight times and remodeling of the office center and shops that were made in real time during the construction of the building.

The optimization of space to place external equipment was another important contribution to this development.

Being able to meet the demanding needs of this customer, design time and installation, integration efficient for each type of use technologies, compliance to all customers of the building in its various applications are a clear signal engineering capability, design, drawing, supervision, audit, quality and performance of Multifrio, with more than 60 engineers and technicians.

Our guest also explained how decisions were made based on the design of the building. The company began working about two years before the design of air conditioning and ventilation "electromechanical designs for air conditioning and ventilation systems were made in order to meet customer needs in each phase of the project. Topics such as the optimization of space in the outer slabs, as well as mezzanines, electrical efficiency, noise levels were key in choosing equipment, manufacturers and technologies. The hotel has its own control system and the office center each tenant retains control of its offices. All systems were integrated into a centralized BMS for the entire building. "

As with any project, always some difficulties, tod logistics are presented, however, managed to overcome Multifrio explained that small mishaps to meet the installation and deliver operational.

"In a 24 story building built at high speed the arrival of materials and equipment is a challenge in itself. We must seize the cranes that are in the project to go hoisting equipment, especially the chilled water chillers and condensing. The key dates were stuck in the office all the engineers in charge of the project. None of the equipment used in the hotel and office center are standard equipment so that manufacturers do not keep them in stock and manufacturing time exceeds 20 weeks, plus imports from Asia in the case of Mitsubishi and from the United States in the case of McQuay / Daikin "said the director of the company.

He added that other problems of constructions of time is that there is the participation of consultants, electromechanical auditors, other providers and arrears same in construction in the development of the work, complicating logistics and installation time and quality equipment, pipes, ducts, electricity, control systems, etc.

covered spaces with the installation

The project has eight hotel floors for a total of 9.000 m2, six-story office center for a total of 7.500 m & sup2 ;, and a commercial floor. The rest are parking floors. The total project are 30.000 m & sup2 ;.

In the office floors they have been established recognized companies such as law firms and AFC Battle and Facio and Cañas. In addition to transnational corporations as the offices for Costa Rica in the Mexican airline Volaris.

In the commercial area Juan Valdez (first store in Costa Rica), restaurants Segundo Muelle (first store in Costa Rica) and Cosi (fifth restaurant in Costa Rica) were established, among others.


Salo Ponchner stressed the satisfaction of the project developer after the installation of various equipment air conditioning and ventilation was completed: "The developer, called Leumi Group, is very impressed by the engineering, technology and execution Multifrío. The results are so good that they have invited us to design and install new group projects. We have also received many compliments from end customers in the office center and commercial premises ".

General description

Signature installer: Multifrio SA de Costa Rica
Manufacturers involved: Daikin / McQuay, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Lennox, Greenheck, Addison
Company or place covered with the installation: Sabana Business Center - 21 building three underground parking floors, in the heart of San Jose, capital of Costa Rica.
Installation dates: during the year 2015

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