UV light for air conditioning systems

Case Study on the C UV technology in the performance of an air conditioning system.

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When competing to be one of the major office tenants in high-income market as South Florida, your building must have the best finishes and systems to stand out from the competition. That's the ongoing challenge motivates Bunnie Willis, Vice President, Senior Manager Corporate Properties BayView Tower of 12 homes in Fort Lauderdale. Built in 1973, the building Class A 412,000 13 square feet has corporate tenants, including AT & T, Whole Foods and Landmark Worldwide.

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Willis usually looking for ways to improve the value of BayView and other commercial properties in Florida she manages for New Boston Fund, Inc., a private investment management firm in real estate by billions of dollars. In July 2011 during a routine evaluation of mechanical systems BayView Tower, Willis learned that she could provide their tenants with healthier cleaner air by moderate improvements in air conditioning systems of the building. One of these improvements also promised energy savings, reduced maintenance costs and prolonging equipment life.

The use of ultraviolet light (UV)
A key component in the air conditioning system improvements was the addition of UV lamps C (UV-C). Widely in use from ninety to improve the quality of indoor air (IAQ) and later to improve the efficiency of heat exchange, increase the airflow and reduce maintenance, the wavelength UV-C removed, and also it prevents the accumulation of microbes and organic material in the cooling coils, air filters, the surfaces of the ducts and trays draining air conditioning systems.

However, it is the ability of technology to potentially reduce the 10 the 25 percent of the energy consumption of air conditioning systems, prompting nine out of 10 facilities UV-C, says Bruce Fontaine, Vice President of Business Development and operations in Sustainable Management Solutions, a national consultant in energy efficiency equipment specializing in commercial air conditioning systems, reductions in the use of electricity and water, with offices in Pompano Beach, Florida. Fontaine's team recommended the UV-C sustainable solution, product selection and installation BayView.

In the end, an independent audit documented an increase of up to 47% in the levels of airflow in the building after the installation of the UV-C energy, which also caused a sufficient reduction of energy use to pay for improvement as only three months: a return on investment of 90 days. The audit showed not only improved airflow, but also a reduction in power consumption and cooling ventilation system.

According to the Department of Energy of the US. UU. (DOE), Willis is not the only one that focuses on the use of air conditioning system as a savings potential source, since this equipment amounts of 30 to 50% of the use of the total energy in the building: a figure that can be even more pronounced in southern climates such as Florida.

To comply with the recommendation to add the UV-C technology units air handling (AHU) BayView, Willis, a Manager of Real Estate Certified and president of the Section of Fort Lauderdale / Palm Administration Owners and Managers Buildings, did his job by learning more about this technology.

Willis met with the Chief Engineer, Miki Minic, who had successfully used systems UV-C lamps in other buildings managed by New Boston Fund and Stiles Property Management.

"The benefits of UV-C energy are many," says Minic, who enthusiastically supported the installation of the UV-C energy. "Most important of all is the improvement in the quality levels of indoor air, so that tenants can enjoy a cleaner, healthier air. Absenteeism due to the spread of unsafe microorganisms through air conditioning systems is almost eliminated. Moreover, the life of the equipment is improved, the cost of downtime and preventive maintenance for cleaning the coils, drain pans and purchasing coils and treatments drainage, etc., significantly reduced "come.

BayView Willis also visited similar properties in the area with air-conditioning facilities UV lighting and sought the opinion and experience of their peers about this technology.

"After my research and meet with other managers of commercial properties that had installed the UV light, it bought the benefits of technology," he added.

BayView Facility
With two cooling towers, 24 three chillers and air handling units (two per floor), the UV system BayView Corporate Tower presented some challenges, says Darren Ambrosi, project manager of Sustainable Solutions Manager.

"The existing treatment units air had 25 years old and offered limited access to the evaporators" said Ambrosi, with respect to the refurbishment project that began in January 2012. "Due to limited access, we recommend the system UV-C lamps without devices, high-performance RLM Xtreme UV Resources. This UV-C modern system is installed in about half the time of installation of conventional devices and provides flexible configurations as required BayView ".

Minic, the chief engineer of the building had experience RLM Xtreme system and supported product selection. As a result of the flexibility of the system installation without UV-C lamps devices, improvements were completed in only four days using only two installers.

After installation of UV-C, the efficiency consultant Fontaine was impressed with the increase in system performance.

"The overall transformation in efficiency was amazing" said Fontaine, who estimates that the project energy savings yielded a return on investment to three months. "The levels of air flow increased by 47 percent in air handling system, or about 10,000 CFM, the coils are as new and clean the air condensation trays fantastic way."

Return on investment
As with any major capital project, the return on investment is a critical component that must be demonstrated independently. Willis commissioned an independent performance test for evaluating the success of the installation was carried out by the consultant in air conditioning John Kneiss, president of K & P Mechanical Solutions, Inc., with offices in Dania, Florida.

"Our objective was to measure the performance of the cooling coils of the air conditioning system before and after installation accessories UV" Kneiss said.

During testing of the velocity profile made before RLM Xtreme facilities, Kneiss found different levels of speed, indicating that some pieces of the coils were much dirtier than others.

"It was easy to see that some sections had high speeds and other lower sections, indicating an accumulation of waste in areas with the lowest speed," he said. "The readings of speed in our measurements were not stable basis".

When Kneiss returned after the installation of UV illumination, it used the same instruments and test procedures, and found that the readings of air velocity were much more stable, this time, the entire surface of the coils.

"Our opinion after reviewing the results and differences was that the performance of the cooling coils improved significantly since the first readings" recalls Kneiss. "The speeds of the coils were more stable in all coils and there was an improvement with dew points off coils. For us in South Florida, this is an important benefit."

BayView Minic said the improved individual components of the HVAC system and a drop in electricity consumption after installation of the UV-C system efficiency.

And what Willis is concerned, she is so pleased with the results we are planning the future use of the UV-C technology and RLM-Xtreme.

"During the first month, we saw an immediate reduction in our energy costs, which has remained consistent since installation," Willis says. "I believe so strongly in this improvement we are preparing to introduce it in one of our other properties in Doral, Florida. We are very pleased with the decision to install the UV illumination."

Project Profile
Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Structure: Office building Class A 12 floors with an area of ​​square feet built in 412,000 1973
Climate Control: Two cooling towers, three chillers (De 250, 430 and 750 tons) and 24 air handling units (2 per floor)
Presented system: System UVC lamps without UV RLM Resources, Santa Clarita, Calif devices.
Benefits of UV energy: The germicidal wavelength UV (UV-C) energy can provide reliably air cleaner, healthier preventing microbial buildup on the coils, drain pans, air filters and surfaces ducts of air conditioning systems. The UV-C energy also eliminates pathogens in airflows. Proper application of UV-C energy causes a heat transfer coils improved, reduced energy use, less odors, reduced downtime for cleaning and minor damage. These effects can further reduce the incidence of allergies in the air, colds and flu, which can result in lower rates of absenteeism transmitted.
Engineer: Stiles Corporation, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Installation time: Four days, two installers.
Project Manager: Sustainable Management Solutions, Pompano Beach, Fla.
Finish date: March 2012

* UV Resources (UVR) is a company specializing in education, engineering design and innovative UV-C equipment for various applications affordable HVAC Dan Jones can contact the company email: dan.jones@uvresources.com

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