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An important representative of the industry in Chile is Alejandro Requesens, President of the Chilean Chamber of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, and Professional Month this year.

by Duvan Agudelo Chaverra

Alejandro Requesens P. was born in Santiago de Chile in February 1956 today with 60 years is a professional air conditioning area with vast experience and recognized for its long history, even more so now holds the position of President of the Chilean Chamber of Refrigeration and Air conditioning, CChRyC, for three years.

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The beginnings in the industry for the Professional Month this edition come thanks to his family, which had its own business called Industrial Frigotecnica, who was present in the market during the eighties and nineties. Alejandro is a publicist by profession, but with the opportunity he had in the family company managed to meet the market greatly, passing through all available positions in the company, which was a fundamental personal development, which allowed him to learn each function and to understand the other employees in the personal dynamics of each.

Later he worked in commercial areas of the company Termotecnica TMT, another company very prominent the country; He was later in charge of the company Uniaire, representative of air conditioning in Chile and then continued in Acetogen by the air conditioning area, retail oriented.

In 2000 becomes independent and forms the company BtoB, Business to Business Ltda., Which is working at present and that is oriented mainly to the thermal insulation sector, being the exclusive representative of a recognized brand of great presence in the Latin American market . Today they are providers isolation for much of the installers specialists air conditioning, refrigeration and heating, plus large retail chains.

As a leading professional, Alejandro has challenges to overcome in their daily work. The challenges for business in the coming years is to maintain the leading position in its field of thermal insulation and to incorporate other ancillary products to meet market installers. Importantly, despite the competitive market they have managed to maintain a technical and product quality level, keeping stock and personal attention with its major customers. The team is small, and highlights mainly qualities of tireless work and commitment to its customers, these being the main reasons for recognition in this market.

In his other responsibility as president of the CChRyC he has led major changes in this organization, highlighting its new offices, which currently operate in an area of ​​300mt2, with the only Certification Center in Chile the sector and a full function room and meetings for over 50 people.

In addition, this year was accompanying the whole process of organizing the III Expo Cold Heat Chile, an important fair in South America in its edition 2016 was attended by more than 6.000 visitors the area and for the year 2019 is compromised realization of CIAR in Chile, Iberoamerican Congress of Air Conditioning.

Market outlook
With respect to market developments, especially in the area where our guest specializes says that there have been many changes: "In the eighties I remember that in our company we include thermal insulation products. But the current possibilities are varied and specialized for every occasion and need, it is gratifying to realize that the market has already incorporated the word "thermal insulation", with all that this means for both national and global environmental issues. Still a lot of knowledge and greater responsibility both installers, designers and we should not exclude the end user or customer, who must demand suitable solutions and be part of this environmental commitment. "

Alejandro estimated that the market for HVAC / R continue to evolve in the coming years, especially with an inclination towards lower energy consumption, environment and efficiency. On the sector of thermal insulation, he said: "This area of ​​the air conditioning market only presents challenges ahead in all its aspects; improvements and new materials are likely to be the trend the next few years, as well as to be considered more important within the overall project and evaluate its exact benefits and savings, considering equipment smaller capacity and consumption, reducing energy and economic costs. "

Professional Family
Alejandro is currently married and has a son, Andres Felipe, 32 years; life in general ranges between projects related to air conditioning, solar energy and hardware, travel and enjoy sport, not as an athlete but as an amateur, highlighting the football team his beloved business, the Spanish Union, world of tennis and basketball NBA. His main hobby is writing, for years has been writing short stories and now has begun the project of writing a book.

Currently the main challenge is the unconditional support of his son, who is suffering from a serious illness since the early 2016. But this has not affected his work in the Trade Association, as the sector has the project arose early in his presidency, which is to leave the House as a sustainable organization financially and impact on the market of air conditioning in Chile, it recognized both nationally and internationally.

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