Creativity and commitment in a leader

Leopoldo Carbajal Romero is the general director of Climas SA de CV and the Professional of the month representing Mexico.

by Duvan Agudelo Chaverra

At the AHR Expo in Las Vegas I personally met Leopoldo Carbajal Romero, I already knew about his tour and the importance of the company he represents in the HVAC sector in Mexico, but being able to talk to him and listen to him allowed me to understand him much more And realize the kind of professional and person that he is. He is humble, sometimes shy, but at first glance one can see the passion for what he does and the taste he gets out of it.

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For these reasons he deserves to be recognized as the Professional of the month of this edition on behalf of Mexico.

Leopoldo, or Polo, as many know him, has dedicated more than 27 years of his life to this industry of air conditioning and his entire career has been given to a same company, which has been manager for 20 years, It is the company Climas SA de CV which is located in Chihuahua, a city in northern Mexico of about 800.000 inhabitants.

"I am Mechanical Industrial Engineer with specialization in Design by the Technological Institute of Chihuahua. All my work experience has been developed in the company where I am currently director for 20 years ago, but this 2017 I am fulfilling 27 years working in this company. I started as a project engineer, later became a construction supervisor, an engineering manager, and I am currently a partner and CEO of Climas SA de CV, a proudly Chihuahua and Mexican company that will be working 60 for years to come. " invited.

Leopoldo, who considers himself a very positive person, creative and committed to everything that is innovation and progress for his community, told us how his first approach to our industry was: "My first contact with the world of air conditioning Was in an industrial exhibition in my professional school, for which volunteers were requested for the different exhibitors, and for things of the fate I had to be in the module of the Climas company. We had a very good experience in this exhibition and received a proposal of work to finish my studies which I let pass for a while, but later I was called to be part of this great team.

Our guest has in his mind the goal of showing the world the benefits of Mexico as an important country in the sector of the air conditioning and that can rub shoulders with the great ones of the world.

"My main challenges in the industry in which we develop is to be able to show a face to the foreign investors in which Mexico is seen as a country where there is a lot of capacity and talent to be able to be on par with the great companies of the world and Power with this to support the development and growth of our nation ", explained the Pro of the month, who also always sees as other new challenges to the" infinity of new things in technology, equipment, systems for the current technological development in many areas of the Life, which I see as areas of improvement and opportunity. "

"I believe that the fact that I am recognized in this market is due to the fact that I have always been a person who blindly believes in our ability to compete internationally with our projects and designs, and That we are on par with any engineer in the world.
I have always been a person that I have never stopped studying and surpassing myself every day in all areas: technically, in business, in personal development; I am a person who knows very well that in this life never ends learning. "

Your Industry Experience
"The evolution of the air conditioning industry in our area is very well influenced by our customers, most of whom are transnational companies from many parts of the world: German, English, Japanese, Korean, French, American, among others , And each client brings their ideas and systems working in different parts of the world. The ability to understand these systems, how to adapt them to Mexico and our flexibility to solve has put us at a very high point before the world, "said Leopoldo.

In addition, the guest analyzes that globalization plays a fundamental role in the development of the guild today. "The air conditioning industry is increasingly globalized, Mexico is no exception due to the high foreign investment of industrial plants in many countries that come to install their production, this has brought us a need for new developments and innovations to be a The height of these customers ".

With respect to the near future of the air conditioning sector, the Professional of the month assures that "the future of the air conditioning industry is very promising and every time new developments of all type are seen in Mexico for the hotel sector, health, hospitals and clinics , Education, office and corporate buildings, or in our case, large industrial plants. In particular we have been part of the development of projects including engineering and installation for major plants such as Pirelli, Aerospace Bombadier, Mondelez International, TPI wind turbine plant, Ford Motor Company, Denso, Caterpillar Industries, in order .. .a large number of industrial plants ".

More from the professional
Leopoldo must travel frequently to different places of Mexico and the world. Although he lives in the city of Chihuahua, he says that because of the projects he must carry out, 50% of his time is spent working trips. "We have many projects in a large part of the Mexican republic and there are a number of international clients to whom we must give specialized, technical and above all, to offer them reliability in Mexico."

Finally, thanks to his work, the professional of the month has the opportunity to know different parts of the world, something that he is passionate about and that always benefits him thinking about his country. "Thank God I have had many opportunities to know places, which has helped us to enrich the feasibility that Mexico is on a par with many countries in terms of engineering and design. The air conditioning systems of the different regions are closely linked to the type of climate and economic capacity. "

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