We present all the details of a Case of Success on the installation of a commercial refrigeration project in a Colombian store.

by ACR Latin America

At 10 kilometers from Bogota, Capital of Colombia, is a well-known municipality called Chía, which belongs to the department of Cundinamarca. There, the distributor and installer Prime Refrigeration SAS carried out a refrigeration project in the Super Chloric Drugs (SDO) belonging to the consortium of Supertiendas y Droguerías Olímpica SA / Chía and that was executed in the month of October of 2016.

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The new project aimed to achieve significant energy savings, reduce operating costs, have a quick installation and obtain a control and temperature stability of products.

José Luis Herrera, commercial director of Prime, explained that the project had the participation of three recognized brands in the market and that in the first instance, this installed shop project becomes the first in Latin America to have a high efficiency system.

"The Heos system is the high efficiency solution designed by Carel for supermarkets in all ranges of surfaces from convenience stores to hypermarkets. It represents a new way of building refrigeration systems, using self-contained refrigerated cabinets equipped with DC compressors, electronic expansion valves and state-of-the-art controllers. A water loop that carries the heat produced by the condensation to the outside of the warehouse. The Prime Display refrigerated walls are designed to include the latest in energy-saving technology and give the store a modern and attractive look for its customers, "explained José Luis.

Regarding the process of operation that is carried out with this installation, Prime's representative explained that "the process that fulfills this system is to optimize the refrigeration of the display furniture of the perishables in supermarkets. It is a type of direct expansion refrigeration operating with R410A with electronic expansion valves and inverter compressors. The condensation process is done through a cold water system and trunk with the option to either be through a cooling tower or an air cooled liquid condenser. It covers all refrigerated furniture needs of any project. "

Likewise, José revealed the reasons why the company selected the aforementioned technology to install in this class of stores. "The proposal becomes attractive in its presentation as the technology exceeds these specific priorities, raises industry standards in terms of impact to the environment and, at the same time, generates needs to innovate regarding integral solutions for commercial refrigeration" .

Difficulties solved
Every project has details that must be solved, sometimes with a premise, and sometimes take longer than expected. Prime's experience in this regard is considered positive, because it was learned in the first instance not to make the same mistakes in other opportunities.

José Luis stated that "because it was our first importation and assembly, the following were presented by minors: Logistics: in the import we had to manage several adjustments in the documentation to import within the correct items since the whole project was imported from Asia. Technical: the installation issues were so simple that we hesitated in some technical aspects, but were solved with the support of Carel, who accompanied us every step of the way. "

Results and current performance
César Rodríguez, member of the maintenance department of Olímpica Distrito Bogotá, is the person in charge of supervising that the whole project and the systems work correctly. He highlighted the main details from his point of view from installation through to operation, efficiency, and final considerations.

Regarding the installation, César explained the following: "Although the system was not known and the details of its installation, the installation was done without major setbacks in a reasonable time. With the acquired knowledge you can do a better coordination and get quick installation times. Being the refrigeration unit and very compact compression unit saves assembly times ".

System Operation
As for the operation of the teams, César Rodríguez highlighted the results obtained so far, which have been positive. The project has not presented refrigerant leaks and the electrical installation is working properly.

"Without ignoring that the climatic conditions of Chia are very favorable for systems of refrigeration that work by condensation with water, as the report says, the equipment has worked very well, we have not had major inconveniences, except some adjustments in the part of control, especially when the energy goes ".

Regarding the behavior of the temperatures of the refrigerators, he said that "it has been excellent, as well as the other parameters of operation. The advancement of the system with the inclusion of the electronic expansion valve has many advantages in handling both suction and discharge pressures, coupled with the versatility of the variable speed compressor. It is possible to show a 'soft' operation that will not possibly allow a longer duration of its elements ".

Finally, the condenser system with air condenser and variable speed pumps has worked without inconvenience with very good condensation pressures below 20 ° C steadily. with low operating speeds, explained César, who also talked about the control system. "It has not presented major failures in the operation time, the centralized equipment collects all the data in the computer that is in place".

At the close of this edition, the project only had pending the arrival of the additional spare units important to have in case of any damage, and solve the connection via remote for constant monitoring from the office.

Technical description

Technical characteristics of the installed system and differences compared to traditional installations in supermarkets.

General description
Signature installer: Prime Refrigeration SAS
Manufacturers involved: Carel, Prime Display, Dicol
Company or place covered with the installation: Supertiendas y Droguerías Olímpica SA / Chía
Installation dates: October 2016

Duván Chaverra
Author: Duván Chaverra
Editor in chief
Editorial Manager at Latin Press, Inc ,. Social Communicator and Journalist with more than 12 experience in the media. Passionate about technology. Academic Director of the RefriAmericas Congress.


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