Giovanni has no limits

Let us know a bit about the history of Giovanni Barletta, Technical Manager of the Andean Area, Caribbean and Central America of Emerson, and current president of ACAIRE.

by Duvan Agudelo Chaverra

Everywhere they go they greet him, they always ask for him and nobody wants to miss his lectures. They know their extensive knowledge and admire it for it. He is Giovanni Barletta, a barranquillero who has dedicated 37 years of his life to the industry, overcoming both professional and personal obstacles that today make him an exemplary human being for any of us.

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His passion for what he does is so much that life continues to put new job challenges, because there is full security that nothing has been great for this great professional. In 2014 he led the founding of the North Chapter of the Colombian Association of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (ACAIRE) also participating in the Board of Directors and now, as President of ACAIRE, will lead a guild in Colombia recognized for its discipline but still has work to do

How was the professional formed today
Giovanni Barletta was born in Barranquilla on the 31 August of 1961. He studied at the Liceo de Cervantes and later graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from Universidad del Norte. After almost 15 years of having finished the undergraduate program, he completed a Specialization in Commercial Management and 10 years later he finished the MBA.

On his first work experience, Giovanni said that "my first job was in a refrigeration company called RITA (German Technical Industrial Refrigeration) in the 1983 year, even with subjects of last semester in course; but from that moment I took many responsibilities and that's how I fell into the "passion" of the HVAC / R industry, which, as I say, "does not let go of one" (37 years between some functions and jobs around this business) "

Then came the opportunities in the commercial area: "From there I went to Olympic Súpertiendas as head of maintenance (for two years) with responsibilities in refrigeration; that after coming from the Air Conditioning (AA) I noticed how different is the cold food and what a great responsibility! Another world and other anguish when it comes to food. I was only 1 year in this position, learning a lot and managing all the businesses of the coast in this chain of supermarkets until an offer came from the Bank of the Republic, initially as Deputy Director of the Regional Department of Construction and buildings; at two years I was promoted to Regional Director (in the Bank I was almost 8 years) managing projects not only of AA but of power plants, elevators, remodeling, interventorías in new buildings in all the cities of the coast and cultural centers that administered the Bank".

Likewise, after that experience, the destination made Giovanni look at other work options: "When the new constitution ends with these functions, they offer us voluntary withdrawals or stay to make a banking life, and of course at that time I was more tempted by the guild and that is when I move to Serviparamo, as technical manager, for ten years. From there, and with almost 20 years of experience in the market, I was tempted by the multinational Emerson to occupy the position of Technical Manager of the Andean Area, the Caribbean and Central America, a position I hold today. "

Throughout this work journey, the Professional of the month highlights a professional, whom he considers as his guide: "Since I finished subjects in the U and with my link to RITA (German Industrial Technical Refrigeration) I was at the hand of the Ing. Issa María, who was the one who injected me with the passion for this business and taught me a lot of what in the beginning were valuable and important not only in knowledge but in taking a lot of experience thanks to the trust he gave me. I would almost say that he adopted me as a son and gave me autonomy in making decisions and facing important challenges that were simply an exciting experience. "

Your professional and personal challenges
Giovanni has always been concerned to teach, to leave an indelible mark of knowledge in the new generations, and that, today, remains one of his main professional challenges. Now, as President of ACAIRE, the objectives are increased at the same time as the passion for this industry.

"I want to leave a mark in the guild, promote an important project that serves in the training of engineers and technicians and good business practice. Having assumed the presidency of ACAIRE gives me the tool and puts me in front of the challenge of giving my grain of sand in everything the Association does for the business ".

Personally, he is now recognized for being a fighter and having been able to overcome two life challenges: "Having emerged from two catastrophic illnesses such as cancer, being able to show that obstacles can be overcome and getting up with the thanks of God can continue to do so much. I want to show that the Lord is infinitely generous and merciful. "

Evolution of our industry
On this aspect, Giovanni highlights a series of events that confirm the imminent development of this industry in recent years, mainly in three aspects:
1 The challenge of mitigating our business on the impact of the environment, and this goes through the ozone layer and now climate change. All this has led us to reinvent ourselves in the business, good practices, tools, reading a lot, being well documented and well prepared.
2 Manufacturers are constantly developing new technologies that force them to be up to date in training. Example: Variable refrigerant systems.
3 The incorporation of electronics in each of the systems that used to be electromechanical, connectivity, communications and intelligent devices, force us to rethink the way things used to be done before.

"Unfortunately, the lack of legislation makes the business very informal, mostly residential and light commercial. The state has not understood the intimate relationship between HVAC / R and energy sources, climate change, the quality of life of people, "commented our guest.

The other side of the professional
Giovanni is "married to a wonderful woman" and has two children: Paolo from 27 years and Silvana -the baby of his eyes- who has 24 years. With his family he tries to enjoy different moments: "We like the beach a lot, and I practice cycling with my daughter. Other hobbies have to do with crafts, electricity, painting, carpentry, mechanics, and fixing everything that happens at home. My other passion is teaching: for many years I have been linked to the undergraduate program of Mechanical Engineering at the Universidad del Nort, and today I am with the Universidad del Atlántico with two groups that are always full and fast. "

His father also left an indelible mark on Giovanni: "From my childhood I have events that definitely marked my life, such as being together with my father working on vacations in his footwear company. That was the training for working life that triggered my performance and qualities in my later work; He injected me with the passion to work and give one the best and best effort in what you do, regardless of what you earn. This is a teaching from my father who, from a very young age, showed us responsibility in his work and being able to take responsibility. "

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