The goals of Chigo in Latin America

The manufacturer of air conditioning equipment has clear objectives in the Latin American market, which focus on the development of new products for the sector as an OEM brand.

by ACR Latin America

Chigo is a company of Chinese origin that has been working on the expansion of its presence throughout the world, with special emphasis on the Latin American market.

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Chigo was established in 2002 and belongs to Guangdong Chigo Air Conditioning Co.LTD, a professional manufacturing and supply of central air conditioning equipment, with a network of R & D, production, sales, design, installation and service.

For "being a professional supplier of central air conditioning", Chigo Central Air-conditioning is dedicated to the research, design, manufacture and sale of central air conditioning. During 12 years in development, it has formed an annual production capacity of 1,000,000 equipment, and extended the product lines to light commercial, VRF and modular chillers, becoming the most complete industrial refrigeration chain in China. The comprehensive production strategy can meet the diverse demands of the market and allow Chigo to be the largest and most comprehensive product line, the most complete company in the series of central air conditioning products in China.

The turnover of Chigo CAC increases rapidly year after year. In 2016, the annual turnover reached US $ 0.2 billion with a growth of 22% compared to 2015. While Chigo's central air conditioning marketing network has covered more than 140 countries and regions around the world, and has established agencies in 31 provinces of China.

To learn more about the company's expectations, ACR Latin America spoke with Carlos Leng, Sales Director for the Americas of Chigo.

ACR: What are the main objectives of Chigo in Latin America?
Carlos Leng:
We want to be the best OEM solution. Since the 2002 year, Chigo began offering the OEM brand in Latin America as the best product and service. For more than a decade, Chigo insists on this principle and continues to offer the best OEM solution for customers in Latin America.

ACR: What opinion do you have about the current situation of the Latin American market?
Carlos Leng:
It is an emerging market with a promising future and potential economic turbulence. Economic and political factors dominate the purchasing power and exchange value of Latin countries.

ACR: What differentiates Chigo from other competitors?
Carlos Leng:
Chigo respects the OEM business partner and does not intend to develop the Chigo brand in Latin America. Chigo understands more about market demand and can offer products that are more competitive than their competitors.

ACR: Which countries are the most important for Chigo in Latin America and in which countries do you want to enter with your products?
Carlos Leng:
The most important countries for us are Brazil and Mexico, since they are the largest in Latin America and have a high market potential. But we also have goals to work with our products in Colombia and Argentina, mainly; for being countries with an important development and a promising future.

ACR: What is your opinion about energy efficiency in our industry?
Carlos Leng:
The increase in efficiency is slow compared to what we expected, due to the economic situation. Most countries do not have the capacity to test products and allow many less efficient products to invade the market with the false label of high SEER indexes.

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