HARDI México is born in large

HARDI Mexico has already formalized the start of its operations in Mexico with the purpose of supporting and improving the HVAC industry in that country.

by Guitze Messina *

Last December, in the midst of more than 1,600 participants of the main companies of the HVACR industry worldwide, all members of HARDI; including more than 60 participants of the Mexican market. Guitze Messina, CEO of HARDI Mexico, officially launched the new division offering an emotional speech and took the opportunity to invite all Mexican distributors and manufacturers to join HARDI to improve the HVACR industry in Mexico.

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The main message of the speech is that HARDI comes to build bridges between USA, Canada and Mexico. Bridges based on the four pillars of the organization and that require the participation of all the members in each country to help the industry in general.
The event, which lasted 2 days, and reaffirmed each pillar of HARDI, featured several professional talks by renowned authors and specific events, here we summarize some of them:

Tim Pollard: Author of the bestseller, "The Compelling Communicator" dazzled the audience with his presentation finds that kill the message and destroy the sale. We have all attended excessively long presentations, with too much information about the company that presents and very little about the problem we want to solve. Tim showed the audience to take a few great ideas and not to use PowerPoint. "The key to a great presentation is the ability to be repeated by the audience," Pollard argues that if it is not easy for the audience to repeat the message later, the chances of closing our sale are drastically reduced. All members of HARDI had the opportunity to send Tim's talk to their offices via live broadcast, this is a new modality of the organization to more openly share the knowledge to all the employees of its members.

Shama Hyder: Author of the best seller, "The Zen of Social Marketing", one of the most influential consultants in the world of Digital Marketing, explained why distribution companies in our industry also have to use digital marketing to compete today. Not only is having an adequate presence on our website, but understand how many effective visits we have and find how many people stay to see our offer versus how many decide to leave again. "If you do not use video in your digital marketing, you're dead", how many of our companies have pages with "books" written of content and not a single video? Even, did we know that the videos open 12 times more than the written content?

The most accurate economic forecast in the last 10 years with more than 94% efficiency, was delivered by Alan Beaulieu, Associate Economist of HARDI and who spoke about the economies of Mexico, Canada and the United States. In his entertaining talk Alan explained that the HVACR industry within the Mexican economy would grow in the 2018 in the commercial area and decrease in the residential area. Once the issue of the renegotiation of NAFTA is resolved, which he hopes will be maintained with minor changes, and the political election cycle ends, Mexico will continue its current economic growth.

Of the most popular events were the NAFTA report for Mexico and "real cases in the US. of generational transition ".

For the NAFTA report, HARDI lawyers in Washigton, Palmer Schoening and Alex Ayers described that HVACR products are outside the renegotiation of NAFTA and therefore will not be affected in any treaty change. They also explained that it is unlikely that the United States will leave the treaty completely and even if it decides to do so, it would have to be approved by Congress, which is unlikely.

Even if President Trump wanted to leave the treaty unilaterally, it is very likely that the decision will be taken to court by the companies and associations that are affected. HARDI already has the precedent of taking the government to court for improper use of regulations for regional efficiencies of HVACR products and won the case, therefore, we must continue to pay attention to the process.

Generation change of the family business: Undoubtedly the greatest acceptance and vibration was caused by the presentation of more than five US distributors. who shared how they changed from parents to children and from uncles to nephews in a successful way. There were also cases of distributors who have mixed models of administration and share participation.

The vision of HARDI is to present different models that work in other countries so that distributors and manufacturers in Mexico take different ideas and ensure that their companies endure long term. The spirit of openness and exchange of ideas was surprising and participants are invited to visit various distributors and learn from their best practices.

One member of the HARDI board of directors invited all the Mexican partners to their facilities in Orlando to know all the parameters, computer systems, internet purchases and deliveries in less than 24 hours throughout the state of Florida. Chris Ware, CEO of the Ware Group / Johnston Group, with more than 26 stores in Florida and sales in excess of 200 Millions of dollars, will be receiving HARDI Mexico participants in April and that their ACR magazine will also be bringing them the details of that visit. As this will be many events and exclusive activities to members of HARDI Mexico.

We have no doubt that HARDI Mexico has planted a great flag with this event and we can only wish you many successes and we will be at your side to share them with our readers. Forward HARDI and Forward Mexico!

* Guitze Messina. Executive Director, Mexico. Heating, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI). www.hardinet.org - gmessina@hardinet.org

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