The annual report of the World Council of Sustainable Construction

International. The Annual Report of the World Council of Sustainable Construction for 2016 / 17 describes the main achievements of the organization and its global network of Green Building Councils.

The report details the progress it has made as a movement in the last year, including the establishment of regional heads in the five regional networks; provide thought leadership, global influence, research and resources through our global projects; reaching an estimated potential of 24 million people through World Green Building Week 2017; and strengthen its governance to ensure that each GBC member has a voice in the organization and our Council holds us accountable for fulfilling our mission.

CEO Terri Wills and President Tai Lee Siang commented in their foreword to this year's report: "Looking back over the last year, we are both amazed by the achievements of our movement in such a short time." We feel incredibly fortunate to work with a global community so passionate, inspiring, dedicated, action-oriented, diverse and fun, there has never been a group of people better prepared to transform the built environment of the world than it is today. "

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The main statistics of the report include:
- 5 new zero zero construction certifications launched through the Advancing Net Zero project
- 1.24 billion m2 of green building space worldwide certified by member Green Building Councils
- 7 new staff members of the WorldGBC, bringing the number of employees to 17 (from 10 at the end of 2016)
- 5 regional heads were established, giving each region the local leadership of the WorldGBC
- 8 National Renewal Strategies launched in Europe, with the support of the Build Upon project
- 31 countries that make changes in green building policies at the municipal, regional or national level, with contributions from the GBC.

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