An interesting case of success, carried out in a multinational medical device company in the Dominican Republic, had the participation of SAEG to restore the building in different aspects.

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Projects in spaces related to medicine always have an additional challenge, since the demands and knowledge must be greater in order to achieve the desired facilities and with the operation and results desired by the clients. For that reason, we highlight this case of success that has to do with the health sector.

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Located in the free zone of San Isidro, in the Dominican Republic, a manufacturer of products related to medical equipment, also known as "medical devices"; he needed to restore or rehabilitate the building with which they sought to create new facilities to expand their operations.

The contractor SAEG advised this company (whose name was not disclosed, for confidentiality) for the restoration that consisted of the civil, electrical and electromechanical reconstruction of said building.

Eng. Edmond Desueza, General Manager of SAEG in the Dominican Republic, explained how it was the selection and installation of air conditioning equipment for this project. "Given that the customer's operation merits controlled spaces, the air conditioning system was designed in the United States and revised in RD by SAEG, at the client's request. The system installed is based on ice water with high efficiency filters, specialized handlers, temperature control and humidity of the spaces ".

According to Eng. Desueza, there were installed two Carrier Chillers of 350 Tons, in the chilled water part, with cooling towers BAC - Baltimore Air Coil, Taco water recirculation pumps and the handlers, which were provided by the client from a manufacturer in Puerto Rico.

Likewise, the fire protection system includes the installation of two ITT Bornemann pumps, diesel. In addition, SAEG installed a Caterpillar 1.5 megawatt generator, Ingersoll Rand compressors, water treatment plant system, vacuum system, and boiler.

Due to the fact that the building to be rebuilt was abandoned in the San Isidro Free Trade Zone, SAEG specialists had to make anti-seismic reinforcement at civil works level, due to the structural deterioration of the building.

For this project in particular, the client provided the design of the systems and equipment that would be placed in the building, so no comparisons were made with other models. SAEG was adjusted to the specifications of the design supplied by the client.

The integration was another of the important aspects taken into account in this project, as explained by the general manager of SAEG in Dominican R. "This client, having several buildings in place, technologically integrated their operations, centralizing them at the same level. of monitoring of the operative part, as well as at the level of networks, database and others ".

Challenges overcome
As in most projects, mishaps appear at any time, for which you must be prepared. In the case of SAEG, they also had to act promptly before the appearance of some problems that were solved and that did not generate problems in the work.

"Given the short time available for the execution of the project, there were no major difficulties; the mishaps due to delays (no more than 5 days) regarding supplies (Logistics) caused us some pressure in the execution of the project due to fear of delay. These mishaps were not significant, being able to deliver the phases of the project in the agreed time, "said Eng. Desueza, who added that the greatest technical difficulty they had" was with the civil works, given that the building had to be strengthened seismically; The government permits did not come out in the foreseen time, delaying the activities related to the construction process of the civil works ".

From this experience, the manager stressed that "from this we extract lessons learned: deliver the client by space or area".

Customer reaction
Because it was a special case, in which confidentiality was requested, and there were other requirements, Ing. Edmond Desueza concluded on the satisfaction of the end user with this technology that "the client is extremely satisfied, given that in order to perform the operations, objective of the project, we had to comply with a validation protocol of the areas / phases delivered; said validation was carried out satisfactorily, complying with the protocol of levels of particles and bacteria allowed in a controlled environment ".

General description
- Installer signature:
SAEG Engineering Group Dominican Republic
- Manufacturers involved:
Eaton (Electrical panels)
Nora (Floors)
Price (Grids and diffusers)
Carrier (Chillers)
Baltimore Air Coil (Pumps)
Ingersoll Rand (Compressors)
2 Cooling towers BAC capacity of 1050 GPM
4 Bell & Gossett pumps

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