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Refrigerant gas


Freon MO99 gas from Chemours is a product created for R-22 reconditioning in direct expansion (DX) and cooling air conditioning systems, which combines the pressure and enthalpy characteristics of the R-22 with compatibility with mineral oil.

This gas is the only HFC refrigerant that can be used as a replacement for R-22 over a wide range of evaporator temperatures and is also compatible with many of the new and traditional lubricants, so it is not necessary to change the lubricant when performing a Reconditioning in most cases.

In addition, it also does not require a change in the expansion valve, if the system was properly designed and operated with R-22, and after a reconditioning, it can be recharged without removing the existing refrigerant charge.

Among its applications is the commercial HVAC, cassette units, splits, direct expansion chillers, residential air conditioning and rack systems, among others. It is not harmful to the ozone layer and has a global warming potential (GWP) 42% lower than the R404A.

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Quoting products and technical services for Latin America

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