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For many years in industrial segments it has spoken about the risk that technology manufacturers choose to come directly to end users, brincándose with only one attempt almost the entire service chain and distribution.

For many this is not adequate; for others, who have financial muscle, it could be. However the reason for this column is not such a dilemma, it is to present a case to offer a service that almost nobody promotes can turn a company into a leading firm since the perception of the end user, but also a key partner for manufacturers and contractors / dealers.

In one of the trips that the editor did recently met the president of a company that performs an unusual job. Its function is to service the equipment developed by a manufacturer (and installed by contractors). As a way to make life easier for the end user and the other links in the chain; the company in question offers the service repair and maintenance for a certain type of equipment, avoiding replacing complete units, as it always did; such activity became very important for businesses, because we live in times when maximizing financial resources is essential.

Thus, the service provider perfectly identified the distribution chain; the possibility of offering maintenance teams traditionally were replaced in its entirety and generated a competitive advantage for the manufacturer managed.

With this scheme won the manufacturer because its brand is projected to the end user as an actor who accompanies the whole process and cares about customers of their customers always have the best. He won the distributor that sells to its customer a product or solution that has unparalleled support and if even require installation support would get it immediately. He won the final customer no longer has to think about the replacement of a whole unit, but it appears the possibility of changing parts and this saves huge amounts of money. He won the maintenance service provider because it became an inevitable part of the business structure.

The conclusion is that being creative can identify business opportunities that no one ever identified and may thus find profitability and sustenance for the rest of life.

Until next time.

Dear readers. Thank you for taking this magazine in your hands and dedicate a little of your time in reading this editorial.

At the time when this publication was sent to press, I was invited to give a lecture on climate change and market trends in Latin America; stage: the meeting of the division of Honeywell controls and automation for Latin America.

Amid a message I was trying to share with presents and it was only the recapitulation of everything that has spread through multiple media, appeared a reflection of one of those present in the sense that it would be important to know the individual impact of the citizen in this phenomenon.

At this point, every human being has a deep responsibility to the planet, which should lead to actions that can be constructed by analyzing how the measures implemented in the commercial and industrial sector can be adapted to the residential level. In this sense they can be validated actions such as replacing old refrigerators for new, more efficient units, as well as the disconnecting such appliances when not are being used, as this generates heat and thus emissions CO2 to the atmosphere.

I know that the issue of replacement of domestic refrigerators can be somewhat complex due to economic conditions in our countries, but this is where governments come to play an important role beyond discussing the issue with large corporations. The case of the FIDE program in Mexico, where replacing equipment with more efficient units are financed is an example that may well move to the domestic sphere.

It's not easy, but it's not impossible either. The utilities can usually provide information about how to consume less electricity in homes.

Dear readers. A new year begins; Gone are the holidays with family and friends and a lot of goals and projects loom on the horizon. It is our desire that every one of our readers have a prosperous year 2008, in which all projects and ambitions are realized.

Just as times change, the new year brings changes and modifications of importance to the industry. In 2008, attention will be focused on two aspects: energy saving and the replacement of refrigerants. This does not mean that they are new issues, but the last two years, such elements have been undoubtedly the biggest concern of the industry, given the global interest in controlling the effects of development on the environment.

In terms of refrigerants, the year will be marked by various pressures to find a new compound that meets the needs of the majority, although it seems that HFCs continue gaining ground in America, Europe, the ground seems to be traveled so easy, because in that region are more attempts with the issue of global warming. There will seek to consolidate the CO2, which comes with force, although in Latin America still needed to consolidate the use of natural refrigerants. It is also important to begin to develop laws that are more demanding maintenance practices and repacking compounds.

On the other side is energy saving. In developed countries this has become a major concern for the costs of electricity; proof of this is the entry into force of new energy minimum standards for equipment as varied as dishwashers, dehumidifiers, cold rooms and electric motors, among others. This is the result of the signing of the decree of energy independence and security, signed in late December.

This year we must analyze what Latin countries begin to take seriously both, because what has been done so far have been mostly sporadic efforts of governments. 2008 could be the year of change for our industry, even in Latin America; hopefully so, it is time to take really serious positions in regard to the future of the planet.

Julian Restrepo Arcila

Friends readers. 2007 is over; I can only thank them for the support they gave us during this season and seize the opportunity, of course, to wish them a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year 2008.

However, I want to take this opportunity to comment on the apparent rise with no upper limit of oil prices, a situation that will continue, will cause a collapse in the global economy, even affecting the industry HVAC / R.

The situation is quite worrying, since during several months oil has been rising, and longed decline that international analysts speak as the solution to the economic crisis produced nothing. The most serious issue is the high dependence of the current economy on this raw material, and although some governments, such as American, discuss fuel switching, investments in ecological alternatives, the truth is that this is still just a dream.

To follow this situation we will see increases in the prices of many essential goods, which is already seeing increases in fuel, made which in turn will accelerate the rise in prices of products to the final consumer, as is demonstrated that manufacturers such premiums they charge consumers.

Without wishing to make inofficious reviews, I think this is the time to make decisions. The planet and economic systems in which live more than six billion people can not continue depending on the wealth of a few; beyond my approach is to receive any qualification, I think the current energy system, where a single alternative monopolizes the market, is very harmful to the interests of all.

The paradox of the current situation is that watching him magnifier logic, everything that happens is the fault of the same market, which, despite an era of numerous technological advances, never could find an energy substitute for oil and its derivatives .

I also believe that this is the time when the planet needs of researchers and scientists to develop real alternatives, away from the demagogic utopias of some presidents. We need to find ways to find life beyond oil.

Until next time.

Dear readers. It is a pleasure to greet you; I want to take this opportunity to send warm greetings of solidarity to our brothers and Peruvian readers for the tragedy that occurred with the earthquake that hit the country in mid-August. All our attention from here, wishing them a speedy recovery.

This time I want to talk about a practice that is fairly observed in the field of HVAC-R and is highly detrimental to the interests of all empiricism. This phenomenon refers primarily to the performance of any activity or practice without proper preparation for it, being based solely on the bases.

In our industries, empiricism is observed in many of the processes that take place daily as the installation of an air conditioner, maintaining a refrigeration system refrigerant charges in the various processes and more.

I want to emphasize that I am not against a person make the decision to learn to exercise any work, but what I find delicate is that this work is exercised without the minimum technical and worse requirements even with the indifference of the case who only care about charging a service, whether right or wrong done.

I know that in Latin America training is expensive, but now we have at hand a valuable tool: the Internet. There is everything, and just simply approach a cyber cafe (where computers are rented by the hour) and seek to have access to more information, which will surely result in greater skill at performing the work.

Just think, the benefits are many. On the one hand, there will be more satisfied customers and users and this will increase your business horizon. On the other hand, the planet will thank you, because in many cases will not depositing large amounts of refrigerants into the atmosphere, and energy consumption will be lower. Finally there is the greatest reward: the satisfaction of knowing you are doing a good job and is receiving fair payment for their work.

Until next time.

Julian Arcila Restrepo, Editor

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