A company that stomp

altTadeo Peralta Johnson built his company from scratch and gradually positioned itself in the industry, to the point that today can afford to be one of the largest distributors of Mexico.

By: Alejandra Garcia Velez

I want a big company!

altFor this edition ACR Latin America has selected as Professional of the month to a man who has worked tirelessly for the refrigeration industry in Colombia and has expanded its achievements with great success the rest of the American continent, we talk about the Engineer Francisco Tarud, founder of Thermo- Thermo-coil and tar.

by: Natalia Rios

A history of quality

altFor this edition we have chosen as our professional representative month to a high caste industry Southern Cone of Latin America. Nothing more and nothing less than one of the founders and today still Frymon SA director, Jorge Loeff.

by: Natalia Rios

Donoso is still in college

altOur Professional of the month is a leisurely speaking man, convinced that education is fundamental to the growth of peoples and that success is not the result of chance, but of dedicated work.

By: Hector Gomez Perez

A story based on experience

When Ruben Wolozny talks about the industry HVAC / R extensive knowledge of it is reflected in every word, but more than that what is displayed is your passion and commitment to the development of the sector.

By Ana Maria Restrepo

Quoting products and technical services for Latin America

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