An ice crystal

This Peruvian professional is passionate about refrigeration, to cultivate the spirit and to contribute every day instead of a grain of sand, "an ice crystal" for the development of the industry of refrigeration and air conditioning of your Country . And it has more reasons to be pro month's edition.

by Ivan Dario Quintero

The logic of life

This caleño, businessman, inventor and marketer of technical products, is proud to continue with the passions since childhood has cultivated and called environmentalist, long before the word was mandatory in companies.

By: Diana Agudelo

Rodolfo Hernandez of Mexico: A man with a target

Rodolfo Hernández, his life has always been dedicated to improving their knowledge and reach in the automation industry in Mexico. An achievement that has taken him less than 20 years.

By: Diana Agudelo

Professionals who surpass the test of time, or in its short history have managed to form a lifetime of successful work, often the protagonists of our articles.

This issue is no exception, and in Mexico we always find fertile ground and subscriber figures who have achieved in their personal and professional life, a level of excellence that can inspire anyone.

Rodolfo Hernandez, president of the Mexican Institute of Intelligent Building is a young man who knows that to achieve what you want, it takes focus, determination and hard work.

Born 9 September 1966, in Mexico City, this engineer in Communications and Electronics, specializing in digital control, graduated from the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from the National Polytechnic Institute, he has 19 years of experience in the industry control and intelligent buildings.

"I started as Application Engineer in 1988 working for the company Johnson Controls, and subsequently holding various positions including feature Manager Customer Service, Sales Manager Cancun, Manager for South East Mexico and Central America, as well as National Manager sales Mexico. Already in the 2004 I joined Novar of Mexico, as Director of Sales and currently occupy the Directorate General of the company ".

In addition to engineering, Hernandez made other own technical studies means most notably the program Systems Engineering Automation and Control at the Institute of Education of Johnson Controls in Milwaukee, a diploma in senior management of the Technological Institute of Higher Studies Monterrey, ITESM; and a training course for executives in the globalized world by the University of Chicago. So the preparation, study and dedication are part of the equation in the personal life of this professional.

The industry catches
It was expected that once out of college, telecommunications were their main call for professional life, but again and as has been demonstrated, vocation presents early.

"My relationship with the industry began since I finished the race engineering, immediately after I entered as application engineer in control systems and alarm and fire detection, I had some offers in communications companies and cabling systems structured, which at that time was the fashion of electrical installations but I liked the control means also that the company support me a lot, so I could grow professionally in this market. "

Technologically more and more companies are in the middle they begin to reach the market with new offers and products, some with enough quality and innovations. Then there are the new developments of the traditional systems of companies that have been on the market for long, which have also been concerned with developing better suited to the specific needs of customers.

This definitely creates a base of aggressive competition in terms of product portfolio to offer, however the real challenge it represents to update the technical and operational team of the company, so that in the end, can make the best decisions based on their experience , to meet specific customer requirements as a solution and not just a mere product offering in particular.

In this perspective, Hernandez says that "as a manager the power to achieve this, while processes and resources to maximize productivity are improved, and be able to meet the financial goals of the company, is fundamental. Moreover, establishing the conditions for growth in other regions and bring our experience to these latitudes teaming up with local businesses and providing the same quality of service, it must be one of the primary objectives ".

With subordinates and partners the challenge is to always be at the right level to be a good leader for them; the constant updating is essential to achieve these goals and on the other hand, the joint organization making appropriate decisions depending on the area in question to achieving the best results in the company is an obligation and it is very clear Rodolfo part.

Thus it continues "the goals we must achieve in a company like Novar of Mexico or any other in this market is to be updated and have a human resource with experience and talent to meet the challenges of the current market; offer not only products but services adapted to the needs of each client. "

Faced with the challenges of today's globalized world in which there are more products and solutions than those offered previously, companies like Novar have been able to diversify made specialties, since it is not the same meet a client of corporate projects or spaces multiuser offices, hospitality or shopping centers; the same of these markets may not work for data centers that are currently being built powerful and magnitude and the same goes with the area of ​​the supermarket and the "multi-site" retail chains, have to assess the different needs and offer solutions tailored to achieve the technical, operational and financial results at the same time.

The comprehensive objectives of a company that is related to this market are basically and must be knowledge, proper application of the products and services that become solutions to the various aforementioned market segments, and while this is a break point, so that people see who is responsible for both the technical and the commercial and administrative define their career goals through proper training and the proper application and gain experience in this medium, as Rodolfo stresses.

Vision in Latin America
Latin American growth in this sector is evident, noting that in some countries is more notorious than others, but especially in different disciplines; in some industrial growth stands, other growth targets for tourism development and hospitality market such as hotels and resorts, as well as other residential and corporate office spaces.

Given this overview of a continent "construction", in Latin America there is a very strong growth trend of companies dedicated to the BAS and intelligent buildings, specifically talking about Mexico. Many of them are experiencing an expansion into other territories, especially in Central America and the Caribbean. These companies are taking the lessons learned and in conjunction with local businesses are achieving very good business results.

Mexico experienced this kind of "boom" in the early 90 now seen a decade later the same explosion, which reaches other latitudes except Brazil and Argentina, which like Mexico, began earlier. For other regions these proposals are relatively new, has little time or just simply use is spreading, so the future very promising for local and foreign companies immersed seen in this medium.

"The evolution of BAS and intelligent buildings is in a period of early maturity in Mexico; A decade ago, most of the time automation and security were installed by simply count on them to raise the value of real estate product presuming as high or triple A, as it is handled in Real Estate " asserts Hernandez and continues: "it was very common, and it still happens, find that on the same project different disciplines worked very ingrained way to achieve a very sophisticated final product according to its very particular discipline, but never talked to each other and not there was adequate coordination of projects, in such a way that everyone thought a design from its own perspective if taking into account other disciplines. "

Another important factor is that there was very little planning time, even called to specialists in the field when the project was already defined and no longer gave them an opportunity to apply their best practices, so basically it had to adapt to design that was already under construction and unfortunately always remained below the expectations of customers.

But all that has changed, and so confirms Hernandez, today the concept of planning and investment as long as the executive project of a smart, automation or a remodeling control systems construction, is being increasingly applied, and and it seeks to have a good administration of the executive project and design. "It is proposed to develop taking participation between users and specialists in different disciplines, thereby greatly improves the final result when the implementation and operation of the proposed solution," he concludes.

What does the future hold
"It is very important that people upgrade both in technical areas such as trade, so that we can provide the best solution to the customer, not only technical but also meets their expectations budget" is the conclusion reached Rodolfo Hernandez about the future.

It is known that this is very important, and in Mexico some universities in the field of architecture and engineering, have incorporated into their curricula, several matters having to do with automation and control, electronic security systems fire protection and communications.

"On the other hand there is also the IMEI (Mexican Institute of Intelligent Building, AC), which I am honored to preside; It provides a permanent graduate annually, which is studied in six modules, all aspects of the development of a project of this nature. IMEI plays a very important role in development, education and training in this environment in Mexico, as an overview and appropriate recommendations in this regard is given ".

So, this professional who enjoys outdoor sports such as mountain climbing and baseball and, of course, mariachi music, pulls out occasionally time from your hectic life to be updated, in a field as changeable as the life itself.

Ricardo Varela of El Salvador: A man handmade

In our world of companies and industries, the history of economies lies in the biography of more than great, unbeatable men.

That is the case of our professional month, Ricardo Varela, whose history is, of course, subject to the recent history of a country that until recently was very controversial and has now risen from the ashes.

The beginning
"I was born 31 1968 March in San Salvador, I am the last of four children (two women and two men). I did basic education in the Salvadoran public system (between 1974 and 1985) and university education to the Central American University Jose Simeon Canas where I got the title of electrical engineer, but I have worked in the industry since 1994. "

Immediately after graduating from college he was in need of work; However, working conditions in the country have not been the best, so, aided by his brother, he entered to work (without pay) in a sugar factory; later he was hired (his first paid job) in a plastics factory called Omniplastic. Looking for improvements stood in a refrigerator factory called Cetron of El Salvador. Until then they had been in office headquarters industrial maintenance, during which time he did not have much contact with the areas of HVAC.

But he hastens to add that "during the year 1994, made a decision that would change greatly the course of my life. While still working as industrial maintenance manager in the Cetron factory in El Salvador, I chose to seek other employment area within which desempeñarme. I thought about doing business prospecting and direct and administratively a company dedicated to technical areas. I thought the time propitious, since our country has just emerged from a civil war for more than ten years. The outlook was ideal for an economic boom.

Shortly after having decided to give a change of direction to my career, I contacted the engineer Rodolfo Cacacho Romano, a person of Guatemalan origin, by then a regional manager for El Salvador of a company, capital of the same country; which recently entered a process reengineering and as a first step had decided to hire a manager to take charge of the operation in El Salvador. The name of this company was Distribuidora Granada ".

He continues "the central challenge was to get her out of his puerile stage, which had been for many years, and transform it into the business of air conditioning and refrigeration industry leader in the Salvadoran market. Besides being a new workspace (HVAC), the challenge of transforming the traditional tasks of Granada, sounded interesting. By that time I did not imagine how great and generous, that this responsibility was also a chance that in the future would.

Two years ago a group of investors offered me create a new company for the category. I have the opportunity to stop being a salaried employee and become a partner of a new dream, I do not think much; and even with all the risks that entailed a change of these, I decided to found International Frioaire of El Salvador. We had set a goal to achieve leadership in less than two years (achievement at the beginning looked like a utopia), which was achieved in less time than expected, thanks to the efforts of all who toiled and daring investors of Frioaire "His story might seem easy, but it is an achievement that was at the point of hard work and constant reflection. The way to do this was anticipating the events and being very aware of the customer.

Technologically, Varela thinks we should run the business towards integration with automation machines refrigeration and HVAC, to avoid downtime in the troubleshooting, energy efficiency, low operating costs, better local control or remote, etc.

In El Salvador still missing guide the union in seeking innovative solutions. "As a business leader, even when we are leaders in the industry, we need to consolidate our position as a safe and accurate choice for our market, that means having the acquis largest and varied merchandise, without falling into obsolescence of products, and we are reaching propping our logistics area. Regarding our human resources, we have the conviction to forge new people from making the best choice of staff.

In our country there are no academic careers consolidated oriented our industry, so be sales executives, technicians, logistics personnel, is a real challenge and requires a thorough knowledge of the field, hard work and patience and adequate compression ".

Learn, trying
When asked the reason for their success, Ricardo reflects and affirms that in Frioaire, a manager should achieve the full development of their abilities in order to achieve an appropriate way the goals for the company. In particular should consider general and specific objectives, design work plans to achieve these objectives, selecting the best possible staff, induce and constantly train staff, motivate them to carry out their operations and tasks as expected, monitor the development of plans to correct the mistakes or modify plans as necessary and finally collect data that reflect the scope of the goals set to define new goals or modify those that were not achieved.

"In this sense one of the objectives of Frioaire is to give the best technical assistance (information, advice, tips) to our clients in order to avoid delays, rework, or material damage and human losses in the daily chores."

Equally humble way, Varela admits is from small daily struggles, the more you learn. "We can learn from equipment or devices that were damaged by not considering all factors which may affect its application to hours of lost time (or reversed if considered learning) for lack of attention to fundamental details due to tiredness caused by many hours of continuous work.

There have been many stories improvisations holliwoodense style, in order to save or attempt to save difficult technical and commercial losses, too many victories through skillful planning and consider that all too careful when it comes to achieve great goals. "

"Our country has political stability since 17 years ago, which has enabled not have sudden changes or sharp turns, which attracts foreign investment. In fact, our company Frioaire, is an example of such foreign investment, so I see a flattering future in the short and medium term, the industry is expanding in various sectors that make up our industry.

Seeing the 13 years working in this sector of the industry, I realize that when I began the road looked mainly technical people who by tradition and transmission work, were involved in this industry, however, about five years ago the date, I see a growing group of professionals from various disciplines (engineers of all branches, managers, accountants, military) that are incorporated into the industries, which do not see it as a chance, but as the vision of bonancibles times that they have begun to feel ".

Varela, is also a man who has achieved great success in his personal life "to talk about my family have to say that there are two facets that have been instrumental in my development. The first, which I mentioned, is that of my parents and siblings, which was instrumental in all my development areas, mainly in structuring my self-esteem. The second, which currently enjoy, my nuclear family, which consists of my wife and my two children. My current household is the reason why I live, I move and I am ". Enjoy football and karaoke and the only activity that achieves obvies arrancarlo of these they are of course his passion for the work done.

The philosophy of this skilled and imaginative professional thanks to a few word shares the us is summarized: "Throughout my career I have tried to establish a dialectic between academic theory and practice of street, the academic philosopher versus mechanical tanning based experiences. All this in order to match the physical principles ancient (almost unremovable) with daily observations. In the course of the thesis (theory) and the antithesis (practice) I have achieved very good learning. "

Quoting products and technical services for Latin America

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