European showcase of innovation

ACR LATINOAMÉRICA visited the halls of the latest Climate Control, held in February. The main interest was the showcase of innovation that brings together some of the most innovative manufacturers for the segment CVAC / R solutions.

By: Julian Arcila

A vision of the European market for HVAC / R

LATIN AMERICA Climate Control ACR was in 2009 in Madrid, Spain, and interviewed the CEO of AFEC who presented their views on the marketing of equipment industry in Europe and other regions of the world.

by Julian Arcila

International sales or exports could be the most appropriate strategy to apply in times of crisis to avoid disappearing from the market, as told AC / R LATINOAMÉRICA José María Ortiz, director general of the AFEC -Association Equipment Manufacturers HEATING & AIR CONDITIONED-, organization that brings together European producers of solutions for air conditioning and refrigeration.

The interview with the employee was given under Weatherization 2009, exhibition meets biennially in Madrid, Spain, manufacturers of equipment for heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and hot water (residential). AC / R was one of the international media invited by the organizers of the show.

Ortiz's comments are given at a time when the European and global industry HVAC / R is particularly resented by the real estate crisis since a large number of solutions for air conditioning environments had focused on this niche. However, in the commercial sector still it continues to see a significant movement, albeit cautiously, because some manufacturers have reported declines of between 15 and 40% in sales in this region.

This is accentuated by a series of economic policies of the European bloc that although put the local industry as possibly the cleanest in the world, also make competitiveness lost over other markets less related to issues of efficiency and the environment as it happens with Asia.

"European industry is subject to many environmental regulations and we have to fulfill, such as what to do with the R-22, which here can no longer be used; while in other parts of the world there is no clear replacement program this substance or longer to make deadlines. This requires European industry to produce environmentally friendly, high-quality solutions while there are other markets such as Asia that do not meet these strict regulations and manufactured for mass markets basically oriented to price, "said the manager.

He added that the foregoing makes operating margin of European companies is very low, because they end up practically selling in Europe, while companies who market worldwide can spread their costs among more markets to be more profitable.

But European companies "are clear" and Latin America could be one of the export destinations for these companies. To enter a region that has traditionally been seen as a linked market to the United States and almost all needs are met, alliances with local partners seems to be a great opportunity to invest and produce in the region in a competitive manner .

Ecuador is cooled by the CIAR

The Iberoamerican Congress of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (CIAR) reaches its tenth version. This year Guayaquil, Ecuador, will be the host city.

by Héctor Gómez Pérez

If a retrospective is you could say that the CIAR was born after a meeting of friends in Congress ASHRAE 1990 held in Atlanta. "We were having dinner Latin American in a hotel in Atlanta: there were people from Colombia, Spain, Uruguay, Peru and Ecuador, and we started to talk about the need for an exchange of information in our language, which will be presented in Spanish conferences were made and especially a crossing information propitiate because there are things that are done in Brazil and not made in Colombia, others are made in Ecuador, but does not apply to Chile, "said engineer Eduardo Donoso, President Eduardo Donoso and children C Ltda turn Ecuadorian president of the Technical Association of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (atear) and future president of the Latin American Federation of Associations of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (FAIAR)

To 1991 this dream was crystallized with the completion of the first CIAR in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. The appointment this year will be in Guayaquil, Ecuador, the 3 to 5 June and advance the next president of FAIAR anticipates that event participants will encounter "a very good congress air conditioning and refrigeration systems we have endeavored to bring people of very high capacity and very proba in all industry issues. "

They are already 10

In its tenth version the CIAR will include among its staff of lecturers with William Harrison, ASHRAE president; Thomas Mcnamara, designer of major buildings; Ronald Vallort, an expert in refrigeration; Ramon Pons, one of the founders of the CIAR and expert teams absorption; Victor Goldschmidt, professor emeritus at Purdue and Juan Gallostra, a known Spanish consultant.

The X CIAR be held at the Convention Center Simon Bolivar Guayaquil and will be sponsored by the American Society of Heating, Refregerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASRAE), the Municipality of Guayaquil, La Escuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral (ESPOL ) and FAIAR. Basically be divided into two categories: academic conferences in which the work of the participating countries and technological fair in which companies in the sectors of air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and ventilation will show the latest developments in products and services will be presented .

A purpose of academic conference is important to note that total 48 work, of which the best three will be selected and will receive awards in their order 1.500, 1.000 and 500 be presented dollars. As expressed by Donoso the issue that most have focused this work is energy conservation and adds that "I would have liked more jobs refrigeration in food issues for Latin America and the world require a lot of cold for food preservation; there are jobs, but very few, reflecting that 10 8 industry engineers engaged in air conditioning and refrigeration to only 2 ".

The organizing committee expects approximately 200 participants and currently is being advanced negotiations for partnerships air conditioning and refrigeration Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Panama have never been part of the event become present.

The Cold Room

Cold Hall is the name of the technology fair in which the end of February 25 exhibitors had already confirmed. "This space helps international manufacturers to showcase their products, this aspect is very important because not everyone can go to first world countries to learn about new technologies in the industry. These spaces no longer important because even though you attend many international fairs always find something new that serves to apply in different projects, "he said Donoso.

Three themes will serve as the central axis of the CIAR 2009: sustainable building, cooling Latinomérica and hospital issue on which Donoso said that "we must agree all consultants in the region to offer solutions for hospitals and operating rooms because in this matter there are large gaps for the simple fact that there is poverty in the region. The designs that are made in the region have to be good, because it is not operated at a rich or poor, but a person who should be offered the best aseptic conditions, climate control and ventilation ".

Precisely on these three topics have already planned round tables in which experts from the region, supported by other US and Europe, delve into the conjunctural aspects thereof.


During the current version of CIAR, and for the first time in the contest, will be held the CIAR Open golf tournament. This is an initiative brought by one of the Argentine members, which seeks to strengthen ties of friendship and unity among the attendees.

The tournament will be held June 2 in Guayaquil Country Club and as explained Donoso "is a good opportunity to enhance the Latin American camaraderie, cross ideas, make friends and be united, especially now when we are in times of crisis".

Finally, Eduardo Donoso said in iberoamérica industry air conditioning and refrigeration is still in its infancy with the exception of Spain and Brazil, and other countries that are leading the way as Mexico. As for the challenges ahead this professional said summarized in "be more efficient, to make things better without waste. Projects must do well and spending less because today no second chances. "

Guayaquil, a ready host

"Guayaquil is ready to welcome all visitors; It is a fraternal, cheerful and where governments have made notable efforts town. It is a modern city where there is much to know and not only here but elsewhere Ecuador places where there are mountains, moorland, desert or tropical coast and the amazing Galapagos Islands. Guayaquil will welcome you with open arms and CIAR be a cause for Latin American union, "topped Donoso.
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