Expert professional staff in TecnoEdificios 2014

Colombia. A group of twelve professionals will attend the Academic Program TecnoEdificios for 2014 edition, which again will be held in the city of Medellin, the 4 6 to June.

The professionals who make up the group of lecturers have extensive experience in each of its branches, which will allow them to update and present to the audience the latest developments in topics of technology, management, climatizaicón and energy saving for buildings.

TecnoEdificios participants will have the opportunity to meet talks related to automation systems, intelligent buildings, sustainable construction, recycling, rainwater harvesting, maintenance of equipment, connectivity standards, energy audits; this will be complemented with a VIP panel that managers talk with different properties on the daily lives of their work in the buildings they manage.

Do not miss the opportunity to train and update their knowledge in search of getting the best performance to your building.

To observe the Academic Program can doclick here and to meet the professional profiles of the speakers enter here.

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