altComplex Route is one of the most important buildings in recent years in Medellin and for that reason it was awarded the prize Pencil Steel.

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Route N is the center of innovation and business of the city of Medellin, Colombia, whose philosophy technology to increase the competitiveness of the city and the whole region; and last March he received the award 2013 Steel Pencil in Area Space Architectural Design category.

This prize is awarded by the magazine Project Design, which for this selection received a total of 562 projects, which made a shortlist of 100 nominated to compete in the categories Area Product (5 categories), Clothing (2 categories) Area Digital area (3 categories), Graphic area
(7 categories), Area Space (4 categories), Concept Design (16 projects) Area, Pen and Pencil Steel Blue Steel Life and Work.

The publication qualifies Route Center of innovation and new business of the Mayor of Medellin, which is part of the urban renewal of the city north. "The team sought to create a structure with a strong environmental commitment and LEED certification, in close relationship with the public space and a representative architecture of education, knowledge and innovation."

The group of judges was composed of experts from the couplet (College of juries Steel Pen Award), and make up about 300 recognized professionals in different areas. They were responsible for naming Route 21 as one of the winners who picked up the award in each of the categories.

The architect Fernando Correa Muñoz, life member of the jury team, told Route that has witnessed the evolution presented by the architecture of the city in recent 20 years.

"Perhaps the great history of architecture from the late nineteenth century, the great masters who made Colombiana de Snuff, which made the Church of Villanueva, is supported with this new generation of architects who are doing well, they are doing wonderfully But the tradition of the best of Colombian architecture has been done between Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla and the time when I was young, "said the expert.

Meanwhile, the architects who participated in the architectural design of the project and were present in the delivery of Steel Pencil expressed appreciation and stressed the trust were given for the creation of a project of this kind.

Emerson Marin publicly thanked the recognition and highlighted features of the project: "We want to thank the Mayor of Medellin in a bid to transform the city, he has bet on this type of buildings that transcend architecture. I, who have been in this process for a long time, I am very happy to understand that this is not just a building, is a city program that tends to change the whole idea of ​​the urban, about where it is positioned and transforms a sector but at the same time changes the idea of ​​what Medellin is doing. And it's another example of how architecture can transform a society. "

Sustainable philosophy
Similarly, Marin emphasizes the principle of innovation as a cornerstone of this building. "The building has a lot to innovation and sustainability, because it was thought all this from design This award recognizes the effort made from the mayoral bet on architecture, an innovative building. "

For its part, the CEO of Route N, Juan Pablo Ortega, commented on the principle of sustainability "always conceived spaces and buildings Complex Route N, and environmentally sustainable, seeking to create an impact on the urban, and from the urban city create an icon of innovation. so we are very grateful to receive this recognition, which becomes a reason to keep working. "

Technical characteristics
Route is currently between buildings candidates to receive LEED Silver Class, awarded by the Green Building Council of the United States, because it has different requirements of the certification body regarding the self-sustainability of the building, efficiency and contribution to the environment.

Site selection was thought to be near the alternatives of public transport, which seeks to discourage the use of private transport and thus reduce emissions of carbon dioxide -CO2-. For that reason the resort has little space for vehicle parking for visitors and employees also they have a preference for low-emission vehicles or sharing.

In addition, management has a system of rainwater, which after being treated are used for irrigation and sanitary discharges. Health have a discharge 1.28 gallons, allowing savings of water consumption of a 38%.

In automated lighting system that detects the amount of natural light available, articulated so that, taking into account the artificial light, you need to provide each space is used. For that reason, the building can turn off or turn on their lights according to the environment and conditions that occur in every moment, to achieve efficient lighting and generates savings.

As for the regulation of the use of air conditioning, Route N has windows that control the entry of infrared radiation, or heat coming from the sun, but at the same time allow natural light. In addition, the design of air conditioning was conducted with international standards to preserve the quality of indoor air.

The wood used in some sectors the building is certified by FSC Forest Stewardship Council, and has standards and quality labels that validate who are exploited in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

outstanding 1
Route spaces
It has an area of ​​8.404 m2 of urban space; 18.203 m2 for Towers A and B; and 12.000 m2 for Tower C. It has three volumes: Torre A public character (Route N), mixed Tower B (EPM-UNE) and private tower C (Hewlett Packard), all are linked by a central courtyard where there is a garden with large tropical trees. The parking lots are developed at a lower level. An urban socket housing auditoriums, lobby and public uses.

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The protagonists Design

Architects designers: Alejandro Echeverri Restrepo, Emerson Marin Parra.
Architects and support entities: Carolina Macías Castro, Carlos Tellez Cardenas, Catalina Lema Ortega, Wilson Gamba Rodriguez, Rodrigo Toledo, Sara Franco, Victor Gonzalez, Leonardo Cortez, Michael Carmona Andres Aristizabal, Jorge Ortiz Tinoco, Green Loop, Botanical Garden Medellin.

Author: Latin Press


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