altEldorado International Bogota, Colombia, airport now has a modern automation system that allows better performance and intelligent use of energy.

by Johnson Controls

Integrated facility management systems provide safety and comfort to the passengers of the new airport terminals.

Located in the bustling capital of Colombia, Bogota, city Eldorado International Airport is one of the most active and is one of access for trade in Latin America. It is the largest airport in Colombia. A year, receives more than 22 million passengers and tons of cargo transported 650.000.

Since the facility opened in the early 1950 they have been carried out various tasks of expansion and renovation at the airport. Growth in all types of traffic made in 2011 an expansion of two stages of US $ 1.000 million began to build 36 gates, commercial and tax-free areas, immigration facilities, offices and care spaces at the airport .

In October 2012, a new international terminal (T2) opened. An extension of that terminal will receive domestic flights when completed in 2014. Upon completion of the project, the new Eldorado International Airport is the largest and most modern airport facility in Latin America.

Control systems of buildings
Johnson Controls installed its system management system Metasys® buildings that will serve as systems integrator building. This integrates various environmental control systems, fire, access and CCTV T2. In addition, integrated storage management platforms, moving walkways, elevators and escalators. Metasys uses its IT based software and wireless capabilities to ensure that all building subsystems to operate as a cohesive unit infrastructure. By joining the independent systems, building automation results in better performance and intelligent use of energy.

Piedad Gomez, director of technology Opain, the consortium of airport management said that the integration of many different systems designed to improve the passenger experience and transform the International Eldorado a first-class airport worldwide.

"For international passengers, Eldorado will be the first impression of Colombia and South America," said the director. "We want tourists value the high level of technology used to provide comfort, convenience and safety. This terminal is a symbol of the growing importance of our country in the global economy, especially in the Americas. "

There are two teams that handle security functions and automation of the airport building. From the operations center, the team Metasys building management uses to monitor and control heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), lighting and baggage handling. By integrating Metasys systems, the airport managed to get advanced operational capabilities and added more value by adopting an intelligent and comprehensive automation system that allows high throughout the terminal to reach levels of efficiency and functionality. With Metasys, airport staff can monitor live installations and all the time through easy to use interfaces. It also provides energy management and control events, data exchange and storage, scheduling and communications systems to ensure cost savings - All this makes Johnson Controls is a strategic partner for the airport.

Energy Efficiency
Piedad Gomez said the Metasys system allows airport staff is in control of the operating functions to increase the performance of energy efficiency.

"Energy conservation in Eldorado is one of our top priorities," he said. "Our goal is to reduce energy use by 8% a year. We do this by scheduling the HVAC system and others to turn off when not in use. The Metasys system allows us to do this automatically and, in turn, provides updates constant data and systems controls that staff need to minimize energy use, keep running and make teams work to their full potential " He said.

During the first stage of the project and then the second, Johnson Controls team has a strong commitment to achieve the continuous objective airport increased energy efficiency. When the air conditioning systems in the first stage were installed, the team selected York® YK chillers with variable speed motor for maximum efficiency operation. In addition, three units 475 seven tons YK chillers were installed YLAA. The variable orifice in the YK units allows them to operate at ambient temperatures lower than 13 ° C, a common feature of Bogota. These elements have an important role to conserve energy.

Johnson Controls could prove to airport managers performance and environmental benefits of using environmentally friendly refrigerant unlike other types that are often used frequently in Colombia. In addition, Johnson Controls introduced him to the airport a method of purification of cheaper air that meets the highest standards of performance.

Care and passenger safety
Passenger care is a matter of great importance to administrators Eldorado International Airport and Johnson Controls. This demonstrates the integration of the Metasys system and fire alarms Airport. If a fire alert is received, the Metasys system instructs the system to turn off air conditioning and fans to remove smoke in the affected areas for evacuations easier. When the emergency is resolved, the systems return to normal functions automatically.

In the terminal, there are five control panels fire alarm (IFP), 989 smoke detectors, 282 heat detectors and two workstations integrator of intelligent fire (IFI) that control systems from various suppliers through screen terminal maps and locators events.

This same level of detail was implemented for employee safety and passenger. Another team of security experts is in its own command center, where security management system P2000 Johnson Controls integrates access control with biometric readers and 5.000 cards and CCTV cameras system containing 676.

Piedad Gomez said he wants an integrated security system that meets the current needs of Eldorado and that, in turn, has the flexibility to grow with the airport.

"We work constantly towards the safety of our employees and passengers," he said. "Integrated systems Johnson Controls help us meet this important goal. Now we can detect and react to situations much faster. In addition, the security system has the ability to grow and evolve as needs change. That is a fundamental factor for us. "

Johnson Controls team is also responsible for managing the structured cabling works for security features and building automation.

Technology procurement
Throughout this project a model of hiring technology that reduces the great initial expenses was implemented, guarantees quality and promotes innovation. It also ensures the integration between different disciplines, subsystems and technologies at the airport.

According to technology procurement model, Johnson Controls:
• Functions as the single point of contact with the customer.
• life cycle costs and budget first.
• Eliminates duplication of infrastructure and system.
• Combines individual systems into a single technology solution.
• Guide implementation to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of expenditures.

Johnson Controls began its relationship with the Eldorado International Airport in 2008. At that time, he obtained a contract to provide equipment (air conditioning) to the airport was operating Aerocivil Colombian government agency that oversees the aviation industry in the country. Johnson Controls also has its own team building automation. It is installed in the VIP rooms Avianca, the airline for the air carrier and the airline that Colombia has worked longer and without interruption in the Western Hemisphere. Avianca operates from another terminal in Eldorado.

Johnson Controls joined with its strategic partner SITA, the specialist in air transport communications and information technology to get the contract for both stages of the T2. SITA, who had worked in Eldorado, provided 15 solutions in the new terminal. Including the infrastructure to put on performances 68 check-in desks, 30 workstations doors and 40 self-service kiosks for passenger check, a Wi-Fi, public address system monitors and displays visual information network. Some of these functions, such as public clocks located throughout the terminal are integrated with the Metasys system.

Since beginning his work in T2 in 2011, Johnson Controls has received a service agreement planned to maintain security systems, fire and building automation. This calls up 10 technicians on site at any time.

Johnson Controls provided the necessary services and solutions to the Eldorado International Airport T2 the comfortable, efficient and safe for all passengers annually receives.

"Johnson Controls provided the experience and advanced building management and security solutions and care needed to design, operate and maintain the type of installation you want to represent our country," he said. "All Colombians can be proud of what we have and will continue to achieve here at the Eldorado International Airport".

Author: Latin Press


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