We give to document the progress of a project by Thermaflex insulation in a recognized store Bogota, Colombia.

by Thermaflex

Considered a benchmark, because the value proposition presented to the air conditioning market, with its historic proposal of economic transformation, located 2.600 meters above sea level, Bogota, is a very dynamic economic hotbed currently presenting rapid growth in consumer markets.

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It is a city that has been projected as one of the centers influx of more competitive businesses in Latin America. Because of this, and as a major player in retail sales in Latin America, Falabella sought to set an example in this booming market through the construction of a new store. The goal: minimize the use of resources to obtain maximum benefit. Thermaflex faced this challenge.

Falabella department store was to be built within the "Titan Plaza" shopping center - one of the largest and most attractive shopping centers in Bogota. His numerous retail shops, offices, entertainment areas and unique style, as well as the many small squares of food make it a mixed property development with a high level of activity, as well as a meeting point within the City. As part of the expansion plans and renewal of Chilean retail chain Falabella project would connect the new store energy facilities in the mall.

A key element in this objective was the air conditioning system of the building. Given the warm and humid climate of Bogota, efficient and sustainable solution was the key to attaining success.

Project Details
This project was a pioneer because of its size and because it gave service to a considerable network of users, among which were: a multitude of shops, restaurants, theaters, supermarkets and offices. In order to achieve an optimal solution to maximize the benefit to all connected parts, a chilled water system was co-created to ensure a high level of comfort level and to minimize energy use.

The system was designed with 1.700 meters of pipe in pre-insulated Flexalen polybutene (PB-1) with diameters ranging from that of & frac34; '' Until 6 ". With this configuration, it sought to give an adequate response to the 900 tons of equipment generated cooling response. Starting the project in March 2012, both the design and implementation of the system were up and running in October that same year.

The Titan Plaza shopping center strives to provide the best shopping experience and / or permanency for its many visitors / members. Importantly it includes a high level of thermal comfort. For the development of this project it required an efficient and reliable air conditioning system that would operate and ensure optimum levels of comfort, but maximizing energy savings. In addition, the need for maintenance should be sustainable and minimized.

All design, development and installation of two systems: the system of pre-insulated pipes and insulation for chilled water system could be installed quickly and efficiently, thanks to the kindness of installed solutions, and thanks to the team work in Latin America. The solution, co-created jointly with the owners and operators of the store Falabella, ensures optimum performance with the highest level of comfort.

Energy use is extremely low for its many users, and this testifies largely thanks to the energy efficiency of the system. Besides that, the count of maintenance problems is still in 0, which prevents any idle time related, and other costly for the mall, which is very active.

Statistics project
* 5.000 m & sup2; comfortable recreation
* 1.700 linear meters of pipe PB
* 900 tons of refrigeration equipment.

Duván Chaverra
Author: Duván Chaverra
Editor in chief
Editorial Manager at Latin Press, Inc ,. Social Communicator and Journalist with more than 12 experience in the media. Passionate about technology. Academic Director of the RefriAmericas Congress.


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