El largest shopping center in Lima, Peru, was a prominent HVAC project in all areas.

by ACR Latin America

Lima is a city that has a lot of shopping centers, and recently saw a new one was opened, which is billed as the largest of all, with an area of ​​225.000 m & sup2; square built.

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This is the Mall South, built by the Wong Group, a mall whose anchor stores Saga Falabella, Tottus, Paris, Ripley and H & M, and is located between the districts of Santiago de Surco and San Juan de Miraflores. The space demand expected to cover more than 200 million people.

For such a large and taking into account the climatic conditions of a city like Lima space, commercial premises needed to have a full service air conditioning, therefore, the draft climatizar this site was a challenge, which was taken by the Peru Serviparamo company.

The construction, which took two years to complete and included a more than US $ 4 million investment includes six levels of 350 stores, four stores by department, Expomotor, hypermarket, financial center, marina restaurants, entertainment area , gym, educational institute, multiplex cinema, among others. As well as two parking levels that could reach four according to demand.

Carlos Brown, general manager of Serviparamo Peru, commented on the project that "all the air-conditioned in public and commercial areas system and technical rooms of this mall was implemented, for which 1.840 refrigeration tons were used in cold water . In the area of ​​basements Fans Jet fans that eliminate the use of metal products that demand more height in building basements "were used.

On the technical characteristics of the installed system and its operation, the engineer noted: "Three chiller 460TR were installed and two 230TR brand Trane, condensed water, seeking greater efficiency, flexibility and reliability in the generation of cold water. For common areas and hallways were installed 12 UMAS Daikin, with enthalpic wheels, to lower the heat load reducing the humidity of renewal. The pumping system of cold water is a variable primary system, Grundfos vertical pumps. This reduced the required space for technical rooms, providing more area to market. Cooling towers Protec certified, with its modular design, easier installation on the roof of Mall and also demanded a minor technical area. "

The manager of the company behind the project also mentioned that "in the area of ​​basements extraction system type Jetfans, brand Greenheck, which allows not only remove monoxide gas vehicles but remove fumes from fire if installed a conflagration in compliance with local regulations. All equipment is integrated into a control system for remote operation and monitoring, brand Sauter. In addition to the field controllers Sauter elements were installed, as Btumeter to measure the consumption of cold water for Local and generate billing report for this service ".

With respect to the benefits that brings this system to the Mall South Mall, Carlos Castano stressed that "this work allows the thermal load is reduced by 20%, and therefore energy consumption by applying a system that treats fresh air, reducing their moisture using absorption wheels. Moreover, the extraction system not only removes basements gases carbon monoxide emitted by vehicles, but also smoke in case of fire. "

Furthermore, an additional benefit of the project is that the project pudi reduce the initial investment to be had without the need to lower the quality of the installation: "The original project was 2.800TR, the final design allowed to reach 1.800. This not only reduced the initial investment and the operating cost of air conditioning, but also reduced the electrical load of electrical project and released m2 to market. Additionally Sauter automation system is open architecture, allowing integrate 100% of air conditioning and mechanical ventilation with BMS mall, "said Brown.

On the other hand, one of the aspects that more attention should be paid during a project is coordinating with the rest of executions being carried out in a play. According to general manager of Serviparamo Peru, the work was worked even on Sundays and holidays.

"Projects of this magnitude require a lot of work coordination and harmonization of plans with other specialties to avoid interference, which demands a strong work team level engineering and installation. Also, being a retail project, it was characterized as a quick construction. The civilian contractor working 24 hours and even Sundays and holidays. This forced us to have multiple work fronts with extended hours, not to be left behind in the progress of our systems. "

Now, the next step of this project which began operation last April is to operate and record operating conditions throughout the year, to validate the efficiencies sought in the design.

General description
Signature installer: Serviparamo Peru
Manufacturers involved: Trane, Daikin, Grundfos, Greenheck, Protec, Sauter
Company or place covered with the installation: South Mall - Wong Group.
Installation dates: February 2015 2016 until April.

Duván Chaverra
Author: Duván Chaverra
Editor in chief
Editorial Manager at Latin Press, Inc ,. Social Communicator and Journalist with more than 12 experience in the media. Passionate about technology. Academic Director of the RefriAmericas Congress.


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