The Professional of the month on behalf of Brazil is Rodnei Peres, export manager of Full Gauge Controls.

By Duvan Agudelo Chaverra

If you have been to any of the many HVAC sector fairs in the world, at some point you must have seen Rodnei Peres, yes, a Brazilian, with a European prototype, who is always present in each of the stands where Full Gauge participates, whether in Latin America or in other parts of the world.

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Rodnei is a well-known professional in the sector, his extensive experience in issues related to refrigeration, and his charisma, have left their mark on this union in which good relations stand out among colleagues.

For these and many other reasons, we consider Rodnei Peres, Full Gauge's exports and imports manager, to be the Professional of the month on behalf of Brazil; which we consider as an opportunity to know your beginnings in the industry, your projects, your goals and your favorite pastimes.

The beginning
Rodnei is originally from Rio Grande, a port city located at 320 km from Porto Alegre. He started working at a sports gym since he was young, something that was very useful for him to learn to relate to people; Then he went to work with his father, who had a service company, and it was there where he started his interest in the subject of refrigeration. "I visited more than 80 schools to check and fix, from water drinkers to small conservation chambers. At that time I started to take refrigeration, "said Rodnei.

Then he had another experience with a bar where he continued to practice his relationships with people, and where he says he learned to make the best summer caipirinha. After this experience, and after graduating, fate led him to be in Full Gauge.

"I graduated in refrigeration, at the 2000, when I sold the business and moved to Canoas (it is only 5 km from Porto Alegre) to do my mandatory internship at Full Gauge Controls. I started my activities in the apartment. Application Engineer, answering the queries of clients from all over Brazil and doing technical visits / training. In the 2010 I graduated as Business Administrator with an emphasis in Foreign Trade. Shortly before, he was responsible for the entire export department of the company. Some time later I started to also manage the department of purchases of the company (Imports), completing everything that is related to Foreign Trade. Now my role in the company is that of Export Manager, although I am still responsible for imports, "said our guest.

Committed to his cause
Rodnei has a team on which he relies to achieve all his goals. He believes that teamwork is fundamental and that knowing how to manage so many people to walk in the same direction is an important challenge.

"The big challenge is to keep the team motivated, but it's the boss's challenge. I am responsible for 18 people, each with their personality, and I with mine. Many times I function as a psychologist. Our role is not easy, only who is there knows it. Every day is a challenge mainly because it is a technology company. There is a lot of clash of opinions between people from the same department and a lot between other departments. That is why it is necessary to have everything very clear to filter ideas and plan actions. My team accompanies me in my decisions because we always take them together most of the time.

Along with these challenges, our Professional of the month also has projects and goals with a desire to fulfill: "I never stopped preparing. Since my graduation, I have achieved a postgraduate degree in marketing and many other minor refresher courses. I want to study another profession, something like Architecture, also to be a teacher, because I love to teach. I also want to spend a period in the United States, hopefully for Full Gauge, because that may happen as we just started our operations there. I sent a person from my team to start that challenge, but even because of the policies implemented in many Latin American countries, we are being led more and more to that path. "

Another important issue to highlight is to know what are the reasons why Rodnei considers that is recognized in this industry: commitment, respect for people and their ethics, lists them as the main reasons.

"My family has always educated me by showing that respect is one of the main virtues of the human being, be it respect for animals in terms of natural resources, for example. And that helps me for my private and professional life. Unfortunately there are many lies in commercial negotiations, for lack of ethics, and respect. And I'm always proud to have been able to look in the eyes of my clients speaking truths. Likewise, the changes in our segment are dynamic and require rapid decision-making in negotiations that are eventually already in place, such as a rise in the price of a supplier, which forces us to raise prices. Even so, I am as transparent as possible with everyone to maintain the reputation and trust of the company but also mine, as a person, because tomorrow or later I may be working elsewhere and I will always have everyone's respect, "commented our guest.

Your vision of the industry in Brazil
Rodnei is in a market that is constantly evolving and in which customers demand new solutions for their refrigeration sector. That is clear, also visualizing that times of crisis can not be an obstacle to move forward: "We are very clear that threats are our allies, because we need to be very attentive, enough to anticipate and offer customers new technologies. Our vision is that in refrigeration, above all, there are no threats as such, but new technologies coming in generating new demands ".

Regarding the issue of electronic controls, Rodnei makes an interesting analysis: "We live a process without return, because the demand increases more and more, while the demand for mechanical controls is decreasing year by year, and what is the reason? The price relation between both already explains the change and the relation cost of energy and energy efficiency answer that definitely. We also enter the 4.0 Industry, where the human being increasingly makes fewer decisions. We are placing controls to process information and make decisions about how teams will behave better. That does not mean that the human being will be obsolete, on the contrary it will have a role of greater management over the team, since it will be necessary to parameterize the plants. In addition, we are achieving that remote access to the facilities help us with more data regarding the equipment and also place all the management on the same system, with the greatest objective of energy saving.
And that technological reality, of remote monitoring, is seen throughout Latin America, mainly in countries like Colombia, Chile and Uruguay. "

The family side of the Rodnei
Rodnei is currently married and has a son of 10 years (of his first marriage). He is a lover of animals, today they have kittens but soon he will move to also have puppies. He is a football fan, a faithful follower of the Gremio de Porto Alegre, he is aware of everything the club does and attends the stadium whenever he can. In addition, his son plays soccer, accompanies him to training, says he is a player with a future, and supports him in all the decisions he makes.

With his wife he learned the art of jogging, something he practices at least three times a week, and does not leave the gym aside, constantly maintaining his routines, because this is a practice that can not be missing in his life. "I also love sitting in my comfortable chair, with my wife, watching a good movie or series, with a very bitter mate (typical of Rio Grande do Sul) or a beer, if it's a weekend."

The trips are his other passion: "The idea of ​​knowing other countries and languages ​​was a stimulus in my life. I grew up watching a TV show called Globo Repórter, which is still happening every Friday night, after the famous Brazilian novel. For being a news program, very often they exhibited other countries to show other cultures, and that woke me up a dream, as a challenge at the same time, to never be in a comfort zone forever and run after my goals, besides, Of course, to be able to know as many places as possible. Today, for work or holidays with my family, I have known more than 30 countries, from all continents. And whenever I have the opportunity, I take a dive to relax from the strong daily routine, "said Rodnei.

So if you go through a Full Gauge stand, do not hesitate to say hello to Rodnei, sure he will take care of you as he deserves.

"Today I am very proud to see everything I achieved, everything that helped the company to conquer, because I started in the Full Gauge Controls export department together with my directors and team, and together we consolidated Full Gauge Controls in many parts. of the world. Fortunately, the world is very big, that is why there is still much more to do and to conquer. "

Duván Chaverra
Author: Duván Chaverra
Editor in chief
Editorial Manager at Latin Press, Inc ,. Social Communicator and Journalist with more than 12 experience in the media. Passionate about technology. Academic Director of the RefriAmericas Congress.


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