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TOPIC: My split does not turn on after the light arrives

My split does not turn on after the light arrives #719


Dear good afternoon
For a few months I have been presenting problems with my slip, the problem is as follows.
When the light goes out at home and the light comes back the voltage regulators (Avtek Mod. PABB-442) take their regular time (red light ... after orange ... and at the end green) and they are green (ready). But when I turn on the Split, it puts orange lights on the board and it turns on but the unit does not. What I was doing was turning off the voltage regulator and turning it on and once the regulator is ready I turn on the Split and turn on as normal, with its blue light and start the unit. This has already been done as 3 or 4 times.
However, yesterday was something different. When the light arrives and turns on the Split it presents the usual fault and I turn off and turn on the voltage regulator (it turns on red light ... then orange and at the end green), but this time it lasted much longer than it normally took to be placed on READY . When I see the regulator I see that it is orange and tries to turn on the green but returns to orange very fast and so it stays ... orange, goes green and quickly orange again.
The test I did was to disconnect the cables (2 cables) coming from the Split to the regulator and I turned on the regulator and it was set to green ...
I re-connect the Split cables and the regulator behaves again as described above.

The other thing I did was open the Split and give it a little button they have internally to turn it on manually, but it did not turn on.
What could be failing there?

Can I connect the power cables (220 vol) directly to the cables that go to the spilled?

Of course in this case the Split would not be protected by the regulator but this is just to test. I can do it ?

Thank you very much for your help

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My split does not turn on after the light arrives #720

Greetings, friend, one of our collaborators sends us the following answer:
just that I need to get into the background, I would like to know the reason for using the voltage regulator, it must be due to a voltage drop in the network (sometimes the electric cable is not adequate or the electrical supply that reacts protection), if so, it would be good to obtain the voltage measurements of the network, it may be due to a very low voltage, or maybe the input of three-phase current has an imbalance and is taking the single-phase of two lines with unbalance, margin of this, if that is the problem, there is always a limit to sustain an adequate voltage to make the split work, this limit is no longer the voltage but its ability to deliver a current in amps appropriate to the power of the equipment split, there are some ways to alleviate this problem, usually the problem occurs at the start of the machine, in this case you can do something:
1.- Work with a minimum refrigerant pressure at low pressure
2.- Keep the condenser well clean so that the high pressure does not rise
3.- The refrigerant must not be contaminated with air
4.- make an electric circuit like the one done before in the first split, which consists of a potential relay, a permanent capacitor and a starting capacitor, that alleviates the problem of starting the equipment.

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