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TOPIC: Manual ELSTAT ems 55 advanced - alejoselin

Manual ELSTAT ems 55 advanced - alejoselin #468

good. one of the clients we have here is the distributor of quilmes and pepsi. many of the exhibitors bring the Control ELSTAT ems 55 advanced, we often happens that low voltage controls are blocked and can not be used again even after solved the problem of feeding. Chinese botelleras on which are placed these controls bring an entire diagram with connections, splices and mechanical thermostat to adapt and disconnect the ELSTAT control. It is what we are doing every time we find this fault but we would be interested enough to unlock them for which we would need the manual to access parameters / functions.

the customer does not get the manual and is one of the figures difficult album. if a colleague has is appreciated. the common 55 ems manual will have the difficult is advanced.

Thank you. alejo.
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